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We all want to make a better world, but are you passionate enough to help create one? Do you want to explore another culture and make a difference in the lives of young people?

Three years of research and construction does not signify the end of EF’s support for Nepal. Our aim was not only to build a school after a devasting earthquake, but to also build up dreams for the local community. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for motivated educators committed to working with young people to help them develop their English and prosper in the future. 12 volunteers have already completed their journey in 2019. The application for 2020 is open now!

Get involved, take on a new challenge, and learn new skills! Come and join us on this amazing journey with a purpose! Here is the story from our two volunteers Tara and Jang.


Location: Nepal Shree Jalpadevi Secondary School

Duration: 30 days

Who can apply? 

  • China EF Academic Staff
  • Non-academic staff with at least one-year previous teaching experience


The Shree Jalpadevi Secondary School is a state-owned school with around 50 years of history. It is located 3-4 hours’ drive from the capital of Kathmandu and is the main school for the five nearby villages and is also a key school for the Melamchi Municipality. The students are from the Badegaun VDC, and the Melamchi Municipality. There are currently around 700 students, ranging from Grade 1-10. The classrooms are equipped with whiteboards and markers.


  • Cultural exchange activities with the local students in English
  • Informal tea talks with local teachers to exchange cultural knowledge
  • Help with the library management of the school



  • Completed a minimum 1 year of relevant working experience in EF
  • Be in good physical and mental health.
  • Have strong stress management skills, as well as the willingness and the ability to work in challenging situations, outside of your regular comfort zone.



PHASE 1: Online Application

When: Present – August 11th   

How: Scan the QR code or click the link below to apply!

PHASE 2: 1-min video

When: August 19th - August 25th 

For those who are selected from Phase 1

PHASE 3: Interview 

When: After August 25th 

For those who are selected from Phase 2


Voluntour Timetable


Voluntour Period

No. Of Volunteers


Nov. 1 – Nov. 30



Nov. 24 – Dec. 22



March. 1 - March. 30



Late April – Mid May



Mid May – Mid June


* Actual volunteer date may vary a little. Please wait for final confirmation if you are selected.


  • Round trip flight tickets
  • Visa
  • Additional travel insurance
  • Local transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Orientation



1. What will I be doing?

You will be engaging with local students in English in and out of the classroom as an EF ambassador. 

2. How long will I have in Nepal after the volunteering?

You will have several days to adjust depending on your volunteering period to explore the area, and then you must return to your previous position within the company unless you are taking additional annual leave.


3. How many other volunteers will there be?

One group consists of two volunteers.

4. What facilities are available in the school dorm?

The dormitory is located in one of the school buildings. Your dorm is equipped with basic furnishings, such as a bunk bed, desk, chairs, closet, heater, WIFI and a fan. There is also a private bathroom for EF volunteers to share near the dorm room.

5. What are the meals and accommodation like?

You will be required to cook during the program. Basic cooking utensils are provided in the kitchen alongside bottled water and instant noodles. You can purchase more utensils in the grocery stores around Kathmandu if you need them.

6. Where can I buy groceries for cooking?

It is recommended that you purchase eggs and vegetables in the local area close to the school. For other groceries, we will arrange a trip to Kathmandu at the beginning of the trip to purchase other essentials. 


7. Who is the point of contact from the school?

The school's Vice Principal Prakash will be the point of contact.

8. What do I need to know in terms of health and safety?

- Keep a safe distance from wild animals.

- Drink only bottled water, and do NOT eat any meat in the village.

- It is strongly recommended that you do not eat the street food

- Stay in the school at night

9. What do I need to know in terms of transportation?

Only use EF's suggested transportation. Transport information and contact details will be shared at a later date.


10. Will I receive training before I start the volunteer program?

Yes, training will be given prior to you commencing the program.

11. Will EF provide a reference or act as a referee for me once I finish the program?

Yes, EF will provide a reference on completion of the program. 

12. Will I get a certificate after completing my volunteer work?

Yes, you will receive a certificate on completion of the program.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to ef.globalclassroom@ef.com

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