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Third Conditionals Activity Practice

Activities designed to improve students use of third conditional sentences.

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Comment by Jisang Kim on May 12, 2015 at 9:24am

Thank you for your comments, Sylvia. Yes, I think your suggestion is a good one. I was going to put that in the video, but time and space is limited, so I couldn't put that in. Another thing you can do is have students practice making Third Conditional sentences after the last part in the video, so they can practice what they learned in class.

Also, you can do another activity called 'Third Conditional chains' where you can put a sentence on the board such as "Last weekend my friend invited me to a party, so I went..." Then ask students to tell me what they think happened to me next – and I boarded their sentences to make a story such as "I lost my wallet during the party and looked everywhere for it." Have them make about 6 or 7 more sentences.

Then I asked the students: “What would have happened if my friend hadn’t invited me to the party?” - and boarded their answers. Students need to use third conditional sentences such as "If your friend hadn't invited you to the party, you wouldn't have lost your wallet," to explain what wouldn't have happened to me if I hadn't been invited to the party. ...

Comment by Sylvia Wu on May 11, 2015 at 4:13pm

Hi Jisang, it is a nice work of video. How did you get rid of much noise while recording your voiceover?

And I was wondering whether it would be possible for learners to sum up for themselves about the grammatical rules how the target language is used during the presentation of the third conditional. If they do it themselves, they can remember better, I think.



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