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My final project for Teaching Phonology. In this video I demonstrate an activity to engage learners on intonation.

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Comment by Taty Tan on July 21, 2016 at 5:33pm

Hi Jorona,

I learnt so much useful stuff from your professional video and took lots of notes when watching it. I really like the structure of your video since it was very organized and logical. You stated the 4 main intonations that I thought I should have done in my video as well since they are the key of English intonation. You showed student profile before your activity which would give viewers clear ideas about who you wanted to deliver this activity to.
In your activity I could see students using intonation successfully with the required emotion and I think you made a right decision on using some simple sentences as it made students grasp the key part of this practice more easily. I did similar practice and I don't think it was as successful as yours haha!
Moreover, I really like the way how you explained in your video because your intonation sounded very professional and nice!:)
Thank you for sharing your video!

Comment by Benjamin Collett on July 21, 2016 at 3:02pm

Hi Jorona, what a professional looking presentation, you did really well to apply an academic theory to your ideas. I think your diagnosis activity at the beginning was a fantastic idea to get students to realize their own errors and think critically. You made your students operate autonomously and they all seemed highly motivated and engaged throughout. Getting your students to analyze their own progress from the activity was great and the improvements could be seen clearly by the repetition of the warmer activity.


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