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Comment by Ashley Pearlman on May 11, 2015 at 10:12pm

I really liked your activity. A hands-on approach to word order is a great way for English language learners to understand where the subject, verb, and noun should go in each sentence. Was the aim of this lesson proper word order or correct use of the verb "to be?"

  •   Accuracy - although it was a bit difficult to hear at times, from what I understood everything presented in the video was accurate. 

  •   Completeness - your activity itself seemed to be complete, although it was difficult to follow due to the organization of the video.

  •   Organization - It was very difficult to hear your video, especially during your activity. Next time I suggest not filming the filming of your video, but actually uploading it within the final video itself. The timing of the video was off so it was very difficult to understand your activity until the end when you showed pictures of the word cut outs. 

  •   Relevance - beginner level students definitely struggle with proper word order. I think this activity met the needs of your students and helped to reiterate the importance proper word order has with grammatically correct spoken and written sentences. As for plural versus singular forms of the verb "to be," this basic concept is important for beginners as well. 


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