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Comment by Sam Tilley on January 2, 2017 at 4:55am

I did my teaching phonology video on how to do a telephone game highlighting the difference between minimal pairs. I like this activity because it has an equal focus on listening and speaking. I used this activity three times, for the sounds / iː / and / ɪ /, and / s / and / θ /, and / æ / and / aɪ /. But the recording was best for / iː / and / ɪ /, so that's what my video is. 

Basically you introduce the minimal pair to the learners, and then do a dictation test to see if they can hear the difference between them. They you lead an open discussion about the phonological difference, and finally you play a game of telephone using a phrase that highlights that minimal pair, so see if they can both hear and speak the difference. 


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