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Comment by Anna Zhao on May 20, 2013 at 6:09pm

Great job, Karien!
As Ross pointed out below, the aim of her presentation was specific and clear. and it has clear step by step presentation of how the vowels was presented, drilled and practiced, which supports the achievement of the aim. Also the steps covered both listening comprehension and speaking practice, both receptive and productive.

I just thought of 2 things you might be interested in looking at more:

1. You could back up her rationales more strongly by giving more specific examples and explanation why the Chinese students have difficulty with these two sound, what trouble the confusion of these two vowel sounds can cause in communication (such as beach, bitch/sheet, shit) or how teaching these two sounds can benefit Chinese students in oral communications.

2. The video of the first step of teaching these two sounds is too brief compared to the following two steps. So it was hard to understand it visually. But your explanation of phase 1 was clear enough.

Well done! Keep it up!

Comment by Ross Thorburn on May 15, 2013 at 1:35pm

I have also found differentiation between this long/short vowel pair to be very common difficulty with Chinese speakers of English, and your explanation of the activity to be a simple step by step guide for other teachers to follow.

The bingo game looks fun and engaging and as you point out includes both production and reception. I suppose could also be played with other minimal pairs of words, and not just numbers (e.g. ship, sheep, sheen, shin, etc.)

The shopping task looks both authentic, fun and includes a real communicative need to focus on the difference between the two vowel sounds. Well done!


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