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A video for teacher training on dealing with phonology issues. 1. SS have difficulty pronouncing vowel sounds that Chinese does not have. 2. Playing a minimal pairs game to correct pronunciation with this common issue.

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Comment by Suzanne Ferguson on March 21, 2016 at 5:30pm

Hello Michael,

What I liked about the activity was in the beginning when you had students raise their hands to show which pair they thought it was. If students are repeating chorally, it can be difficult to hear individual mistakes because they get drowned out by the group. This is a way to tell quickly which students can differentiate between the sounds, and give you an expectation about the class.

In this activity, you chose to do a variety of minimal pairs. While this is good to see which pairs a particular group of students struggles with, if you want to improve pronunciation it might be good to focus on one kind of pair. I also agree with Lv Cong that it might be good for the students to practice the activity on their own in pairs or with one leading the class.

Thank you for your presentation! Cheers.

Comment by Lv Cong on March 14, 2016 at 9:46pm

Hi Michael,

I really enjoyed your video. There are many things that I like about it.

First, I think the activity Pronunciation Journey is really appropriate to deal with minimal pairs. I do that too in my classes. 

Second, the phonemes that you put on are also helpful especially for Chinese learners. I think they would appreciate that very much. 

I also have a few different ideas about how to run the activity. 

First, when students put up a different hand or went to a different city, which means they couldn't identify the word you said. Maybe we can try the techniques suggested by Anderhill and show students the tounge position or lip position. 

Second, we can also invite students to say the words, which will give them an opportunity to practice the sounds. 

Anyway, this is a great presentation. I really enjoyed it. 


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