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The jitters, the questions, and the roller coaster of emotions

So.... this is my first time to blog.... ever. Go figure, I get a bachelor's in IT and I avoid using social media and IT in general. I guess having a huge life event occur really gets you to want to somehow journal it. Well my story all began with actually just going through my email on a normal day in August when I find an email from EF. I opened it, already thinking oh gosh what trip do they want to sell me on this time, and found instead someone congratulating me on recently graduating with my masters. Then it continued on stating that I would be a great candidate for teaching English in China. Now I'm thinking, ok this was somehow a pre-populated marketing email with some personal info placed within. I continued reading nonetheless and the sentence that really got me was, "Now that you are finished with school, why not start your adventure of a lifetime." That actually got me interested in wanting to learn more because what I, for some reason, am always worried about is looking back on my life when I'm old and thinking my life could have had more adventure in it. I clicked on the provided link which gave me just a touch more of information about the type of package they offer to first time teachers along with gorgeous photos of China and Indonesia. Since the website only provided just enough information to get you interested in the program, I of course had loads of questions. The website was ingeniously designed to get people to apply in order to learn more information. The application, as all of you know, was super easy to fill out and sure enough I received a response a couple days later offering me an interview. Well I was just wanting more information so I scheduled the interview the very next day. With absolutely no preparation involved I signed onto Skype and was ready to speak to someone about teaching in China and what that entails. Well little did I know that it was a formal interview and that I should have prepared. Apparently I aced the interview because days after that I received an offer. By then I finally figured out how I could have gotten more information without having to apply but that gnawing idea of going on an adventure still stuck with me.  I still had to convince myself as to how a year in China would benefit my future plans that I have already made for myself (I'm a planner, I must get a doctorate and master French) and so I began researching if going to China would make my CV look better. I also researched to see if EF had any connection with universities in England, which is where I want to obtain my doctorate. Luckily they do and that is what sold me on signing my offer and telling my recruiter I am ready to begin a new life. And that's when it happens... I begin to cry, but I mean ugly cry. I start realizing then, I won't be around anyone I know. My dog is my dearest family member and I'm going to have to leave her behind with my mom for safety and health reasons and so on and so forth more realizations pop into my head. Although, as soon as it came, my emotions completely did a 180 and I started realizing how the benefits out weigh the cons 10 to 1 and I'm excited and jubilant within minutes. If anyone was watching me during those moment they'd of probably thought I was crazy. I thought I was crazy because that roller coaster of emotions had never happen to me before and especially that fast. Now, although I do not want to leave my dog's side (she has been my only constant for 11 years) I'm so jittery and excited to move. 

That's it for now. I think I'll update once I've started tackling the TEFL and then I'll note my experiences on that. Oh and by the way... I'll be teaching adults in Shenzhen, China and scheduled to arrive on 1/9/19 if you are all wondering. 

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Comment by Keith Mitchell on August 29, 2018 at 1:24am

That's an awesome blog! I'm supposed to be leaving for Beijing in the next couple of weeks myself and I have found myself ugly crying in private at my current job haha! I wish you the best and look forward to more blogging! You'll be a pro in no time!


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