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Hello! My name is Nadia Essien and I'm arriving in Shenzhen on the 17th. Haven't seen too many people specify Shenzhen so I'm just curious to see who all I'll be getting to know! I'm from Atlanta, studied journalism and political science at Georgia State, and am really excited for this opportunity! I'm toying with the idea of a roommate to save on costs; I guess it depends on the market and what is available when we get there, but if you're interested let me know!

Things about me:

I turn 21 on January 10th! (short lived celebration, but a cool birthday gift to myself!)

I've visited about a 1/5 of the United States but I've lived in GA my whole life. 

I currently work at a law firm since I've been thinking about studying law; not sure if that's the ultimate dream still tho!

I am not packed yet. 

I'm afraid most of running out of hair products in China! That, and getting very ill.

I have tried studying Mandarin so many times with little success. Shui guo is fruit. That's all i know. 

I've honestly never been homesick, so I'm not too worried about that.

I'm probably gonna leave something behind at the rate that I'm packing.

I'm the oldest of 4. My whole family thinks this is a cool experience.

I want to immerse myself in Chinese nightlife as well as nature. I plan on seeing the biggest Buddha in the world while I'm there!

I'm probably gonna end up eating only fruit for a year a the rate that I'm learning Mandarin. 

Thanks for reading! I know my profile picture looks mean but you have to walk around with a mug living in downtown Atlanta so consider it a necessary evil k bye.

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Comment by Alexis Foster on March 16, 2018 at 12:50pm

I'm Lexi, and I will be in Foshan probably sometime in May. I know that's pretty near where you will be. How are you liking it? Any advice while the transition and everything is still fresh on your mind?


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