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My name is Keith Downing and I am scheduled to start teaching in Shanghai at the end of November. I believe my date will be pushed back as the document authentication took longer than originally expected. I am excited to continue this process now that I have all of my documents uploaded and authenticated. Over the last few weeks I reviewed many other blogs looking for insights on the obstacles others have faced while completing the tasks set by EF. I really enjoyed reading the other blogs, but I was unable to find any blogs about married teachers moving abroad. I believe this is the biggest difference  between my experience and the majority of teachers represented on this site. I am bringing my wife to Shanghai with me for the adventure. We have both dreamed of traveling across Asia and I believe the opportunity EF provides will be the key to fulfilling our dreams.  As we move forward and await our arrival in Shanghai I will continue to be active on this site. Please feel free to offer any insight you might have on our Shanghai transition. I look forward to getting to know my peers through this site as we prepare for departure.

Keith Downing 

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Comment by David Bryant on October 19, 2017 at 4:42am

Hey Keith, 

There is a webinar where they cover the topic of being married and moving abroad. I would start there! Also, what's left to expect in the documentation process? Well, if you had all of your documents processed by an outside service company, you should expect to pay more money to have your visa put in your passport, for that is the last thing that will be done right before you leave. There were a lot of hidden fees that I learned the hard way, and I want you to be prepared for that! Good luck and enjoy Shanghai!


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