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September Arrival in Guangzhou (anticipated)

Hi all,

Just thought I'd introduce myself properly; I commented on a few blog entries already so you might recognise my face...

I'm Keir Robinson from Scotland; after some paperwork hitches I eventually managed to get everything submitted and now awaiting my work permit (so I can get the visa), which we're hoping will arrive in time for an expected arrival date of September 12th. I'll be working in the Kids & Teens division.

Obviously I did the Foundation TEFL training; currently I'm attempting to get started on Chinese learning; unfortunately though all the live classes happen at about 2am local (Scotland) time and I haven't got home broadband so I'm attempting to do what I can with the worksheets they provide... But the biggest challenge at the moment is clearing the flat, trying to find a temporary home for everything I can't take with me or throw away. I'm hoping I can bring one of my guitars with me but will have to wait and see what airline they book me with, cos I'll only be able to bring a guitar if I'm allowed a second piece of checked luggage...

Where's everyone else up to? Anyone fancy chatting before we all arrive? I've got We Chat but haven't attempted to use it yet.

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Comment by Danny on August 15, 2017 at 5:52pm

Hey Keir, well done for getting everything sorted for your work permit. I had a few issues with getting the paperwork ready for it, too, like you did. Glad that's over now though. We have the same arrival date into Guangzhou and we will be working in the same work division, so we will likely to see each other at some point after we land in China.

I live in England so I have had the same issues as you regarding the times of the Chinese classes. Consequently, I've been using apps to learn Chinese on instead.

You can add me on WeChat if you like. My username is danxjc. It'd be great to talk to you on there. Having used it a bit, I can tell you it's not hard to use; you'll soon get used to it.

In the meantime, good look with clearing your flat!


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