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mission implausible

By Elena Yip, EF Student Ambassador


Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Mission Implausible event for EF’s adult section. Right when I got into the building, they handed us t-shirts with “Mission Implausible” on the front and sponsored by Sony on the back. That’s my first sign that this was serious business. T-shirts!! Also, little pamphlets telling us what our mission will be in English.

They asked everyone to pair into groups and it’s sort of comforting to know that high school mentalities never change/cross cultures. People were scrambling to find their preferred partner/people they thought would win/etc. 

After people were adequately paired off and after technical difficulties, there was a video with telling us of our mission. A bomb was about to go off in Shanghai and we had to find it, save the world, etc. No big deal. The part everyone paid attention to was that the first group to dissemble the bomb gets a prize. 

The first clue was “which is more important to you, Excellence or Power?” The answer was excellence which meant we had to go to one of the rooms labeled “Excellence”. That room led us to another and another until the last stop was “Grace”. We had to knock three times and they showed us another video. This time they handed us a Sony recorder for our mission and off we went! 


Let me just pause to say: this may seem all calm now that I’m writing it days later but at the time, this is super hectic! Lots of people running around everywhere and snapping pictures. I severely underestimated people’s desire to win!! My group was no exception because as soon as we knew the next location, we were running through the metro station. Do you know how tiring running through the metro station is? There are a lot of stairs in the metro and very long walkways to the next stop and this was definitely my exercise for the day. 


The second location was the EF offices near Nanjing Road. I liked that all the EF offices have Halloween decorations. This task required us to 1. record the sound of running water 2. take a photo of a black chicken 3. record a US, UK, or American accent, saying “Round and round the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran.” 

The first and third one were pretty easy but the second one was fairly tricky because black chicken?!?! I saw a group look it up on the Internet though so I looked it up on the Internet too. That sufficed for the agent located at this office and they gave us the next clue. It told us to go to Zhongshan Park. 

Which meant RUNNING IN THE METRO AGAIN. This event had a lot of running. 

My group went in, solved the puzzle, and we went to the last location. This one was a bit more convoluted though because it had a flyer for a missing girl with a dog?!?! And a number to call if we found her? It was super confusing. We decided to just go to the office because we did not understand it. An agent gave us our clue: 




We solved this and then wandered around trying to find the girl. We didn’t realize we were suppose to say what the clue above says to the girl until an agent explained it to us. After we said the phrase (it was something like “my best friend is Cole Chester”), the mission was over! We were done. One person in my group asked what place we came in and it was fourth. Only the first three received prizes. SO CLOSE. 


After most people finished their missions, it was time to celebrate! EF provided food and snacks. Everyone sat around chatting and hanging out. 


This event taught me that 1. I am hopelessly out of shape (but I already knew that…) 2. people are really passionate about learning English. I was very impressed at their English skills because they are leagues beyond my Chinese speaking abilities. They really take their own time and money to learn English! One woman in my group even travels approximately 2 hours from her home so she can learn English. It’s very inspiring to have people be so dedicated.

Elena Yip is our EF Student Ambassador. Check out her travel blog here.

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Comment by Allison Sproul on October 25, 2013 at 5:39pm

This sounds like such a fun life club! I wish I could have participated. Props to whoever organized this :)!

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