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Life's Embarassing Little Moments Revisited

I was watching the movie Sex Drive with my friend Alex Wise a relationship coach and Loveawake site co-founder. The movie took us back to our high school days where we were convinced the majority of life's embarrassing moments happen. Think about it, a captive audience of anywhere from 500-2,500 people who will all know what happened before lunch. Don't even get me started on today's social media.

You can be embarrassed and ten seconds later the principal will be laughing at you. Yay, technology.

Ah yes, high school. How I miss ye.

Here's a list of some of the most embarrassing life moments.

1) Being outted as a virgin

For guys this is devastating. I'm not sure why either since everybody knows that most people really aren't getting it in like we all think they are. But the actual spoken truth of being outted as as flowered guy just hurts. It's one of those moments when everybody else who also isn't active will point and laugh. Zoinks.

2) Having the tissue pulled out of your bra

I actually saw this happen to somebody when I was in middle school. The mortified look on this ladies face is one that haunts me still today. It's like she got pants'd and had a schlong. I imagine for women that stuffing one's bra and being found out is the most mortifying thing that can happen. That and dying without draws on and forgetting to wax.

3)  Confessing your love to somebody who makes you look stupid...in public

This is the one that happened in the movie that reminded me of my own life. I confessed my love to somebody in a somewhat public display in high school. Imagine my embarrassment when she started laughing and her boyfriend...well...laughed too. Thank goodness Twitter didn't exist then. No twitpic of the nitwit!

4) Getting beat up with a history book

I saw this one with my own two eyes too. Fight breaks out. One chick grabs one of those really heavy U.S. History books that everybody hated carrying and mollywops the other chick with it, bringing the hallway and the person who just got hit to a complete standstill. A moment elapses and the hallway erupted in laughter at the chick who got hit with a book because she looked equally puzzled. Good times. By the way, she never lived that down.

Those are few high school memories that led to mass embarrassment. Got any more?

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