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A somewhat unusual question to pose to you guys. Maybe somebody already out in China will be able to offer a bit of advice or shed some light...

I head out to Shenzhen in November. My boyfriend is also headed to Shenzhen but won't arrive until January. Obviously our plan is to live together but I've read that the rules and regulations are pretty strict when it comes to visas and housing leases/contracts etc. 

As we will both be in China on visas can anybody see there being a major issue with me leasing a place in November (let's say for sake of argument I take out a year long lease) and then having my boyfriend join me in the same apartment in January? 

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Comment by Ignatius Endravian on September 28, 2018 at 3:35pm

I personally don't see why there would be a problem - you would've already paid for the year and unless they specifically say you can't bring anyone i think it'll be fine :)


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