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I've got only a few (million) questions

Hello fellow EF teachers!

I am due to embark on my Chinese adventure in a little over a month- you can catch me in Chongqing after October 25th! I spent a semester of college in Europe studying abroad, and even with the travel experience I gained over those months I have a thousand curiosities about what life will be like in China (I mean don't we all?!)  I'll list some of my current questions below, and would truuuuly appreciate some answers from anyone (Chonqing, not Chongqing, current teachers, new teachers, etc.)

- I'm trying to find a little backpack that's easy to travel with/use as a work bag to bring papers, my laptop, etc. to and from work/coffee shops and such. However, I'm wondering how concerned I should be with making sure I get a fancy anti-theft backpack. What's the crime like in Chongqing/big cities in China? I'd love to save money and not worry about searching for a fancy one, but I'm definitely nervous about wandering through the crowded streets/subways with a backpack if my laptop is in there. 

- I want to hear more about the teachers community with EF! I just spent a year with a volunteer program that had volunteer houses in multiple cities. It was awesome because we had built in friends/a place to crash no matter where we traveled. With so many EF schools throughout China, I'm just wondering if the culture in EF is hospitable while exploring places outside of your city!

- I've gotten into running just recently, but am concerned about running in Chongqing with the pollution. Is it pretty easy to find alternative/affordable ways to work out?

- What have peoples' experiences been with apartment hunting/roommates? Do most people live alone or with other people? I know I definitely want to have a roommate(s) but am curious just how common it is that people want to live together!

Alright... I think that's enough for now. Would love to hear from you all! Even if you have no answers and just want to say hello. I'm so looking forward to connecting with this community and starting a new adventure in China!

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