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DAy 2 in Shanghai - Zhabei: I walked around for a bit and was taken aback by the number of abandoned buildings and plazas. I spotted a Toys R Us, proceeded to walk to it, only to find that it was abandoned, along with an entire plaza. Although this area and plaza was abandoned, it was full of young chinese men in white oxford shirts and dark pants, holding billfolds, for what I do not know. I could not tell if they were selling something or what because they did not interact with anyone passing by...Hmmm.  Walking around the neighborhood was so funny (haha funny not weird funny) because I was the only black girl roaming the streets.  I did not get the stares that everyone said I would, although I did get a lot of hellos from chinese officers and winks from other non-American, non-European expats..so funny - that's a weird funny, not haha funny.

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