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Style vs. Comfort: What keeps you walking in China?


Each city has its own pace and its own rhythm. Our EF Student Ambassadors have agreed on one thing - getting around in China means a lot of walking. What do you wear to walk in stride with your new surroundings? Comment below to share your thoughts.



These shoes were made for walking….Literally

By Stefanie Vorleiter, EF Student Ambassador


Fashion in China is very interesting. It’s fun and vibrant, simple and classy, young and hip, and everything else that can go together. I feel as if the Chinese can wear anything, pull off anything. Sometimes there are times where I wonder what they were thinking, but most times even when its something I wouldn’t be caught dead in, it looks great on them.

The thing that amazes me most about Chinese fashion is the shoes. Being a shoe fanatic myself, I can never have too many shoes. I’ve been searching for shoes since I’ve gotten here and must say the shoe selection here is very varied. Most shoes have heels though and platforms, even the tennis shoes. I don’t know whether its the fashion or something else, but almost all shoes are raised and a quite a few inches.

We went hiking and I must say it wasn’t an easy hike. The paths were well paved but the hike up was strenuous. Always priding myself on being fit, I must say I was breathing hard when I got to the top. We were all huffing and puffing to the top and down.

I must say what amazed me most what when we got to the bottom, we saw this woman in heels, yes high heels. She had climbed the whole thing in black high heels. Our jaws almost dropped, I don’t know how she managed it. Even crazier was that she wasn’t the only one, there were other women in heels and non hiking shoes. I guess that’s the normal hiking fashion here in China, I guess I never got the memo.


Black heels and a red dress, ready to go! I am still amazed!

Stefanie Vorleiter is our EF Student Ambassador. Check out her travel blog here.





By Elena Yip, EF Student Ambassador

I never really thought about TOMS before my aunt gave them to me as a present over the summer. I totally get the hype now; they are super comfortable wear. They’re perfect footwear for Shanghai because everyone WALKS. I like walking in Shanghai because there’s always something to see: small shops, food vendors, babies with butt flaps in their clothes…Anyway. People seem to eat a LOT in Shanghai (the cheap food tends to be greasy as all cheap food tend to be) but they’re all pretty thin. I guess it’s sort of the Paris thing where it’s because everyone is exercising, in a way.

Elena Yip is our EF Student Ambassador. Check out her travel blog here.


By Andrew Gibson, EF Student Ambassador

Nothing tends to surprise me anymore walking around the streets of shanghai. Every now and then I’ll come across something that is picture worthy and this was definitely one of those moments. This mystery kid has it made. While the rest of us are walking through knee high deep water (due to the typhoon) he is riding around shanghai in first class. I have to say… I’m a little jealous haha

Andrew Gibson is our EF Student Ambassador. Check out his travel blog here.

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Comment by Allison Sproul on October 16, 2013 at 9:05am

I've done some hiking in China but I've never seen any woman in heels. That girl is clearly a rockstar & super fashionable to boot!


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