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A few days ago, I read Peter Liu's awesome blog post about Asian Poses ( go read it if you haven't :http://ef-teachers.com/profiles/blogs/asian-poses) And, it got me think about something that goes hand-in-hand with Asian poses, and that is 'chinglish'. The merger of Chinese and English into...words.  They're pretty funny. I will give you a few examples. 

Last year sometime I was talking to a student of mine. and, he said something really weird. He said the word "geliable" "Gei" (pronounced 'gay') means to give. Like, if I give you a million dollars. The 'li' (pronounced 'lee') means strength. For example "mali" means horse power (ma = horse li = strength) So, as you can tell, giving strength to something had me very confused. I asked what it meant. Apparently, it means awesome! I was farther amused a few weeks later when my students then told me about 'geiliable'. If something is 'gelable' it's awesome too. The final example comes from a sign at the university that I work at. The word for door and gate share the same word in Chinese 'men' (pronounced just like it is in English). Often times Chinese people will get these two words confused because of this. Well, by the east gate of of my university, there is a sign that reads "Dalian University of Technology East Door". haha! 

I am curious if any of you have any Chinglish experiences? Also, there is a wonderful website called Engrish.com.  It has a list of many very funny pictures. For example : 


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Comment by Megan Bloem on March 16, 2012 at 4:12pm

I always clean up after dying.

Comment by Cathy Sim Jayco on March 16, 2012 at 1:01am

You can view this one http://ef-teachers.com/group/mini-center-workshop-and-training/foru...

Let me know if you can view it :)


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