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Nihao everyone.  

I'm Peter from Murphy, Texas.  I graduated from UCI.  Go Anteaters (yes that's our mascot)!!!  I'm also an ex-Navy Bubblehead.  I just started learning the guitar southpaw style.  I like reading books and drinking Mocha Frappucinos at Barnes & Noble.  I sold my cruiser so I can't do scenic routes in the countryside anymore.  My next one will definitely be a Harley just so I can say I had one.  I'm JV level at playing tennis and I can't shoot a 3 pointer unless I get divine intervention.  I have a level 110 BE hunter on WoW.  Craziest thing I've done is paragliding in South Korea.  Biggest glutton splurge I've done is spending 500 bucks on coconuts in Thailand.  My favorite drink at Dave & Busters is the Scooby Snack.  That's about it for random tidbits about me...

Finally got all the paperwork and hustling bustling done.  I would say the roughest part was the drive to Houston to get my Visa but it's done!!!  I would have jumped 10 feet if I could after seeing the visa on my passport.  I was worried when the Chinese embassy said it might reject my application because I didn't have an English translated version of my work permit.  But it worked out in the end.  I'm looking forward to Beijing and sightseeing.  I'll definitely hit Shanghai and Hong Kong as well once I get my bearings down.   

PRD - August 23rd 

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