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My name is Mariah Seale, and I am scheduled to arrive in Shanghai around June 20th from Tampa, Florida.  I am excited to join the EF teaching team  and experience life in China.  Looking to connect with others going to Shanghai in June or already living there.  I am also wondering if anyone is looking for a house/roommate, as I will be for the upcoming school year.  Moving across the world without knowing anyone or even having an idea of where I will live and who I will live with, is intimidating and yet so exciting at the same time!    Any suggestions on what to expect, what to bring, or how to prepare for the move would be greatly appreciated!  

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Comment by Julie E Sykes on June 7, 2018 at 5:49pm

Hey Mariah! I guess you are getting pretty close to your departure date! How exciting! I'm also Chinabound from the Tampa Bay Area, but not til July and not to Shanghai but to Guangzhou rather. I almost landed in Shanghai but there was a switch at the last minute by my recruiter, which was fine by me, as I didn't really have too much of a preference. Except I wanted to live where there were actual seasons, unlike Florida, but turns out my new home in Guangzhou is exactly like Florida. Heat, humidity, and hurricanes/typhoons. Lol Who would have thought moving clear across the globe would land you in the same type of weather pattern as back at home?! Well I hope your preparations and your farewells to Florida are blessed beyond measure! Maybe I'll run into you someday while visiting the great city of Shanghai! Take care!

Comment by Keith Downing on June 3, 2018 at 5:05pm

Hi Mariah, 

Good to see more Florida people coming to Shanghai! Don’t worry about housing, you will have plenty of support when you arrive and may even find a roommate within your onboarding group! Check out my KON Shanghai blog to see all the questions your fellow teachers have asked and feel free to post your own. I have been in Shanghai almost three months and I’m happy to help answer any questions you might have. Good luck !



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