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An Introduction to Me (Appropriate for Curious Strangers)

...which is only to say that the less appropriate introduction would include cursing and some of that more personal stuff that makes us vulnerable.

Anyway, me. Here are some bullet points:

  • Grew up in Fresno, California. Fresno has topped many lists as the Worst City in America. I left as soon as I could.
  • My first job was with the US Forest Service. I started the day I turned 12.
  • I spent the first four years after high school "discovering myself". This involved lots of hitchhiking, backpacking, train riding, etc. Use your imagination.
  • I originally started college as a Music major. I soon found other things more interesting. I subsequently majored in Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, English... and finally a specialized Liberal Arts degree called NEXA where each class was co-taught by both a science and humanities professor.
  • My original intent after getting my BA was to continue with a one-of-a-kind Master's in Future Studies. My ultimate goal being to act as a long-term consultant to companies where my own personal agenda would be to get them to become early adopters of environmentally-friendly business practices.
  • That didn't work out so well, though, because the one school that had that degree only had one professor left to teach all the classes. I soon dropped out.
  • I moved to Portland to try to find my first post-BA job. I looked first in the nonprofit sector, but had moved to Portland just as it was becoming the place where tons of like-minded graduates were moving to do the same thing. Lots of competition for very few jobs. Ended up having to work a dead-end general office job to get by.
  • Fast forward 4 years. Still unable to secure a position that required anything more than a grade school education, I decided that there was a need to be filled in the area for photographers, so I struck out on my own. Unfortunately, I seemed to come to this epiphany at the same time as a whole bunch of other people.
  • Insert a few years of doing temp office work, private tutoring, and random freelance photography gigs and we arrive at one such temp job in November of last year, where I meet a girl who just returned from Taiwan. She tells me that she's only back in town long enough to visit family before she leaves for another teaching gig in Brazil. I ask for some advice, and she names a few companies. English First was one such company.
  • Desiring a change and a challenge and a whole new part of the world to understand and explore, I applied here.
  • Which brings us to the present

I'd like to know a bit about the other teachers either coming to China this year or that are veterans of EF. I encourage anyone reading this blog post to write a similar one.

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Comment by Teacher Recruitment & Training on May 22, 2014 at 3:34pm
Welcome to EF, David! Hope you're excited about coming to China.


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