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Advanced Grammar Course Self-Reflection and Video of Online Teaching Format

Hello Everyone,

Here is a very lengthy video:  http://acpcn.englishtown.com/p31j6pxmygz/.  It is a recording of the online platform that we use to teach our lessons, and in this video, I am giving a review presentation to three co-workers in preparation for the TKT Module 1 Examination.  I am sharing the recording as an example of how to elicit students' prior knowledge in order to guide your teaching practice.  I wouldn't recommend watching the entire video, but you can skip around if you'd like to get an idea of how I teach lessons.  Also note, this is a pretty dry lesson with lots of language areas discussed; my lessons with our EF clients are much more fun and engaging on a personal level.  I wanted to give our class something useful for their teaching practice, and even after 3 weeks, I don't have a lesson with an EF student that really satisfies the criteria for this course.  Let me explain why briefly. 

As an online teaching instructor, I conduct one-on-one lessons mostly.  Sometimes, I will teach a group, and when this happens, as is with the private lessons also, most of my students are strangers to me.  We have never met before, and I have no idea what their learning needs or language levels are.  SO, teaching online is very "on the fly."  The platform does not allow for scripted lessons very well, and most of the lessons turn out more to be conversations where the teacher reacts gives corrective feedback based on either the learners' stated needs and goals or the learners' demonstrated mistakes.  Due to the spontaneous nature of these lessons, it is nearly impossible to create a video explaining what I am going to do and why, because I never know what I am going to do.  That said, I can tell you that most of my grammar teaching relies on concept maps, ie. timelines for teaching verb tense and aspect, to explain reasons for the grammar point.

One further note,  editing these videos is extremely difficult to do, because they are stored on Adobe Cloud Space.  Adobe software for video production and editing takes an incredible amount of bandwidth, which China's internet capacity almost never allows a complete download of the original recordings for editing purposes.  If you do skip around the video, you may come across a section where I was booted from the classroom, which is a symptom of the bandwidth for this venue just overwhelming the capability of our internet connections at my office.  This is common for both teachers and students, and we are usually able to rejoin the online classrooms relatively quickly.  I believe I came back to this classroom in this video in about ten seconds.  I hope there is something useful for someone in this recording, and I look forward to watching your videos.  Best,

Chris Clark

WeChat:  chris_clark_14

Skype:  christopher.clark.ef

Email:  christopher.clark@ef.com

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Comment by Teacher Recruitment & Training on June 18, 2014 at 1:49pm

Great tips, Chris. We'll be sure to share these with fellow teachers :)


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