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I get knocked down... (Building resilience)!

If I asked you to think about the most successful person you know, who comes to mind?

Now think about the characteristics of that person that make him/her successful. Are they inspirational, an expert in their field, respected by their peers or a great leader? Do they have a senior position in a…


Added by Niamh Ryan on June 30, 2016 at 2:30pm — No Comments

Welcome to Shenzhen - What to Prepare for

When people think of China, they think of the food, the long history and the pollution, but those coming to China to work, like you’re planning to have to think of many other things. As you are amongst those who are joining us in EF Shenzhen (That place next to HK), I’d like to take this chance to talk about some of those nerve-wracking things you might encounter, and give you advice about how to deal with those issues so you have a stress-free, fun-filled experience in…


Added by Shintaro Koido on April 2, 2016 at 2:10pm — 7 Comments

Managing Perceptions

At a recent trainers meeting, my colleague gave a really interesting presentation on what makes people successful. Qualifications and intelligence can’t be ignored – of course not! But the difference that makes the difference is relationships. Every successful career is built on a network of relationships.…


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Career Builder: Tips for Success

Whether you plan to stay at EF for a year or ten years, you will have an experience here. There are lots of things that you can do to make sure that this experience is a positive one and allows you develop skills and abilities that you will use in the future. Use these 7 skills to be successful within and…


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Places to Go Around Guangzhou


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China Travel Tips: Trip to Heroic Henan and the Shaolin Temple

China Travel Tips: Trip to Heroic Henan and the Shaolin Temple

By Katheen Yam, EF Student Ambassador



Our first stop was Kaifeng. Kaifeng was one of the imperial capitals of ancient China. We stayed at the Ancient Youth Hostel of Kaifeng. Our expectations were low, so we were pleasantly surprised, especially by the…


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10 Fun Facts about Shanghai

by Johanna Blendow, Lead EF Student Leadership Program Ninja

There is a comfortable breeze today, and the usually grey sky is that rare shade of baby blue. It feels like summer is blowing us one last kiss of sunshine, before autumn sweeps through the door. October is just around the corner, which means that it is finally time for this month’s Fun Facts!! Alors :)

1. The elevators here are absolutely ruthless. The doors…


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China Travel Tips: What I learned from the National Day holiday

By Katheen Yam, EF Student Ambassador

October 1st, China’s National Day, is the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. It’s similar to America’s Independence Day and Canada’s Canada Day. Typically, this means that most people get a week off school and work (restaurant workers and some other industries get different days off). Most people in China use it to travel or spend time with family. I…


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Show Me the Money!

Some people are lucky.  When they move to China, they don't have any financial ties back home, and never need to transfer any money back to their home country.

People like me, on the other hand, are not so lucky.  I have student loans, credit card bills, and a phone bill to pay, all of which must come out of my American bank account.  Since EF is sending my money into my Chinese account, I had to figure out a way to transfer my money from my account here to my American…


Added by Rose Connally on February 23, 2012 at 9:33pm — 2 Comments

Things I Wish I'd Known... Part 3

When I came to China, I could only bring one big suitcase and one medium-sized suitcase with me full of everything I was going to bring with me.  This meant a lot of trimming down of my personal belongings, or packing up and storing away things I was okay with living without for the time being.  Once I was in China, it wasn't long before I became bored with my wardrobe and wanted to buy some clothes here in China.

There are clothing and shoe stores *everywhere* in Shanghai. …


Added by Rose Connally on February 15, 2012 at 1:14pm — 8 Comments

Things I Wish I'd Known... Part 2

It has been some time since I wrote my last blog entry, because of Chinese New Year busy-ness.  But I have been thinking back to my arrival here and what things made my arrival the most challenging... and the next thing I would like to talk about is the language!

Before coming here, I was aware that I was moving to a country that mainly spoke Chinese, not English, but I was under the impression that most people would at least speak some English, since everyone has to learn it…


Added by Rose Connally on February 10, 2012 at 12:22pm — 3 Comments

Things I Wish I'd Known... Part 1

I've been asked to write a series on things I wish I had known about living in Shanghai before coming here... and I'm going to start with the thing that made my arrival here pretty stressful: I didn't know that I should have had my American cell phone unlocked before moving here.

When I arrived, I immediately wanted to contact my family and my boyfriend back in the states to let them know I'd made it safely to China.  They were all staying up late to wait for my call.  I…


Added by Rose Connally on January 14, 2012 at 9:29pm — 1 Comment

To-Do List Before I Move to China

I have a tentative leave date of September 14th, which leaves me just a little over three weeks left here in the US.  I have plenty to get done before I move, and to keep track of it all, I need to make a list.  Here is the list of what I can think of right now, and I will surely add things onto it as time goes on.

  • Go to the Consulate and get my Z-Visa (planning on getting this done tomorrow)
  • Book flight to Shanghai
  • Clean up and sell most of my…

Added by Rose Connally on August 23, 2011 at 7:00am — 3 Comments


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