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Visa Process

I think that i have finished all of the paperwork that I need for the work permit application. Although i could have forgoten one of the many papers.


I have been trying to make a list of things that i need to bring with me but feel like I am missing something. So far my list includes:

Medications, Vitamins, Pads/Tampons, Deoderant, Bras, Underware, Socks, New Shoes, Work Pants



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Show Me the Money!

Some people are lucky.  When they move to China, they don't have any financial ties back home, and never need to transfer any money back to their home country.

People like me, on the other hand, are not so lucky.  I have student loans, credit card bills, and a phone bill to pay, all of which must come out of my American bank account.  Since EF is sending my money into my Chinese account, I had to figure out a way to transfer my money from my account here to my American…


Added by Rose Connally on February 23, 2012 at 9:33pm — 2 Comments

English is a Crazy Language!

Thought this was fun and interesting:

Can anyone think of any other strange things?

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Things I Wish I'd Known... Part 3

When I came to China, I could only bring one big suitcase and one medium-sized suitcase with me full of everything I was going to bring with me.  This meant a lot of trimming down of my personal belongings, or packing up and storing away things I was okay with living without for the time being.  Once I was in China, it wasn't long before I became bored with my wardrobe and wanted to buy some clothes here in China.

There are clothing and shoe stores *everywhere* in Shanghai. …


Added by Rose Connally on February 15, 2012 at 1:14pm — 8 Comments

EF on Huff Post: Interview Advice

Ming Chen, EF's Executive VP, has some advice on how to interview in the 21st century. As EF conducts 90 percent of first-round interviews on Skype, Ming will steer you in the right direction for online interviews.  Check out her blog post on the …


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A Shanghai Visitor's Guide

Found this visitor's guide that someone wrote... it's a little biased and I don't agree with everything he says, but it has a lot of information and is pretty good.  Some of the info is outdated, though, like taxi fares (14 RMB during the day, 18 at night). But it included some things I hadn't heard about, that I'm now interested in checking out. Take a look and see what you think:…


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Things I Wish I'd Known... Part 2

It has been some time since I wrote my last blog entry, because of Chinese New Year busy-ness.  But I have been thinking back to my arrival here and what things made my arrival the most challenging... and the next thing I would like to talk about is the language!

Before coming here, I was aware that I was moving to a country that mainly spoke Chinese, not English, but I was under the impression that most people would at least speak some English, since everyone has to learn it…


Added by Rose Connally on February 10, 2012 at 12:22pm — 3 Comments

More than concrete and skyscrapers!

I`ve just spent a couple of days travelling and walking in Anhui. What a beautiful place! Home to the famous Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) and scenery that will take your breath away.

 I began by taking the bus to Taizhou to meet up with the people i`d be going with, we then drove to Anhui taking in the sights on the way including Hong Con, a World Heritage site ancient Chinese village. Our destination would be a further 150 kms away in the heart of some snow capped, mist enveloped…


Added by Ed Sutton on January 30, 2012 at 7:54pm — 1 Comment

Things I Wish I'd Known... Part 1

I've been asked to write a series on things I wish I had known about living in Shanghai before coming here... and I'm going to start with the thing that made my arrival here pretty stressful: I didn't know that I should have had my American cell phone unlocked before moving here.

When I arrived, I immediately wanted to contact my family and my boyfriend back in the states to let them know I'd made it safely to China.  They were all staying up late to wait for my call.  I…


Added by Rose Connally on January 14, 2012 at 9:29pm — 1 Comment

The DOS can sing

Skinny, as WE like to call her, used to be the soft-spoken, fragile senior teacher at PSQ. She was like a kitten-- the kitten that most of our male students would avoid talking to but would stare at for hours. 

Sylvia recently became the DOS of Hongqiao Center. And now that she's DOS, she's shed her kitten fur, and the claws and fangs are out!

Nobody knew she could sing! And to see her on stage  singing and dancing (and hogging the mic), was just mind-blowing!…


Added by Catherine Cayaba on January 12, 2012 at 1:53pm — 3 Comments

Andrew Pybus: not just a hot teacher

Our very own EF Smart teacher (and my good friend), ANDREW PYBUS gets his share of well-deserved The Guardian fame. :)

Andy teaches in our XinZhuang- Shanghai center. He's not just a remarkable teacher, he's also a very talented photographer. I don't understand his subjects and the photos themselves, but maybe it's just me. :)

For more of his great, critically-acclaimed pictures, go to…


Added by Catherine Cayaba on January 10, 2012 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments

Christmas in Shanghai

Merry Christmas, everyone!  It was my first Christmas in China, and it was a nice one! 

Even though I'm very far from most of my friends and family, and even though I'm still feeling a bit ill, I had a nice, relaxing day.  I got to chat with my boyfriend and with my parents via Skype, and it was nice to just have an extra day to relax. 

My flatmate and I went out to see The Nutcracker by the Shanghai Ballet at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, which was very good.  I…


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Controlling Teacher, Out of Control Classroom

Controlling Teacher, Out of Control Classroom

Thought Control.bmp Great teachers maintain control of their classrooms. They do not, however, control their…


Added by Cathy Sim Jayco on December 16, 2011 at 9:48pm — No Comments

My first two weeks

My first two weeks with EF have been great, not only have the people i`ve started my teaching journey with been very open and friendly people, the welcome from the company has been the "perfect parachute" landing to life in China. Jaimee(my recruiter), Amanda(my Mini-Centre liason), Ross(the Teacher trainer), Tess(the cultural "fish in water") and Erica(who makes all the red tape go away!)+ many others have all been very helpful. It feels great to be part of a proficient team. Welcome to…


Added by Ed Sutton on December 13, 2011 at 12:51am — 1 Comment

New to Guangzhou

Hello to all!....My name is David, I have the opportunity to teach in Guangzhou and I am real excited about it. Is anyone here from New York City? That is where I am coming from, I am also curious what any of you have to say about Guangzhou as a city in general...any random responses would be much appreciated!...Thanks so much guys!....and I hope to meet some of you in the future!

Added by David Henao on December 12, 2011 at 10:11am — No Comments

Still Alive!

Yes, I am still alive... just haven't posted in a while!  I keep telling myself I need to make a real blog post here about how things are going, but then I feel like I have so much to share it is overwhelming!


Shanghai is beginning to feel like a second home to me, little by little.  There have been some challenges to overcome, work-related and non-work related, but I think more and more I'm feeling confident in working and living here.


That said, it is still…


Added by Rose Connally on November 21, 2011 at 1:02am — 1 Comment

Chinese Line Dancing!

I joined in right after taking this video and it was fun! Another song came on and they did different movements to that song, which I did along with them... and then another song came on, to which they did no arm movements, just steps with their feet, so it was confusing/boring to do, and I left. It was a cool surprise to walk out and see,… Continue

Added by Rose Connally on November 7, 2011 at 1:29am — 1 Comment

It's getting cold in Shanghai!

It's kind of crazy how the weather has changed so much since I got here.  The first few days I was here, it was very humid and warm, probably about 80 degrees F and it felt rather gross.  I was glad, though, after a few days, it seemed to cool down a bit and not be nearly so humid outside.  Since then we have had a few humid days, but nothing as bad as those first few.  Now it's getting pretty cold outside and we had a very rainy day the other day!  Time to get out the leather jacket, boots…


Added by Rose Connally on October 26, 2011 at 10:45pm — 3 Comments

One Month Down...

Eleven to go!


So far, so good!  I'm all settled in now, and learning more and more each day about living here, the language, and the culture.  After the first couple of weeks or so of being here, things do get a lot easier, although I still won't say I love everything about being here... but I can't really say that about many places I've been, anyway.


Now I am mainly feeling bad about how lazy I have been with learning Mandarin.  I have had about four Mandarin…


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I'm finding that I am forming a love/hate relationship with China. At least, so far.  As I said before, it seems that every day, I meet some kind of opposition in whatever it is I want to do, whether it is getting from one place to another, finding something in a store, or, as I was trying to do today, simply retrieve cash from my bank account.


Word of advice to anyone coming to live in China: do not lose your ATM card.  Bad, bad idea.  Not because some stranger will…


Added by Rose Connally on October 7, 2011 at 7:12pm — 2 Comments

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