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Emily is a typical northern girl in China, who was born, raised and went to university in the north. After working as a teacher for a couple of years, she joined EF and really enjoys working here. She knows the best museums in Beijing and would like to show you around while you are here! Forbidden City is always her favorite scenic spot in 

Beijing and she could keep telling stories about it for hours!

  • The years: 2.5 years in EF
  • If I had a million dollars: try and learn lots of new things in my life
  • What keeps you here: great people in EF-my colleagues
  • Advice for new teachers: You will find China is quite different from western countries in many fields, and EF is always trying to make this transition as easy as possible. You just need to find the right person to ask for advice. In terms of working documents and visa, Visa Officers are the ones you could definitely contact with!



Leonie, a spicy girl comes from the beautiful city Chengdu located in the South West of China. After being a CR for a Kids & Teen School in Beijing for a year, she joined TRT team as a visa officer. Growing up in the land of abundance, Leonie is keen on playing mahjong, and cannot live without spicy food; hot-pot is her favourite. In her free time, Leonie always tries different sports, swimming, ping-pong, tennis, badminton, etc. She is not good at any of the sports, just playing for fun and health.

  •  The years: 2.5 years with EF
  • If I had a million dollars: I'd go back to university for further study and try to do some investments.
  • What keeps you here: I have my new family here.
  • Advice for new teachers: Nothing is impossible. Seize every opportunity to success.



Elyn was born and raised in Shanghai. She is a typical Shanghainese girl. Exploring new landmarks in this city, having afternoon tea with friends in a cozy café, window-shopping along those artistical alleys are the most often-doing things in her leisure time. She is also a big dessert fan. Her favorite TV program is “Independent Inspector” of ICS, which offers her a lot of choices for hanging out. If anyone wants to learn Shanghainese, she is more than happy to help.

  • The years: 3 years with EF
  • If I had a million dollars: I would open a Chinese school and cooperate with EF. All the foreign teachers can come to my school learning Chinese.
  • What keeps you here: The opportunities to improve myself and to meet different people keep me feeling I have been growing up with this company.
  • Advice for new teachers: Learn Chinese. Try local food. Immerse yourself in this city.



I am a local person in GZ. GZ is a modern amazing city. 
Also it is a paradise of cuisine. You can try various dishes from different cities in here. I like my job in EF as I can recognize people from different countries and learn different culture. And can know many interesting things and experiences from my lovely foreign colleagues.   

  • The years: About 7 years in EF
  • If I had a million dollars: Set up a foundation to achieve more dreams.
  • What keeps you here:  Meet people from different countries and work with them.  Good working environment and nice colleagues. 
  • Advice for new teachers: It is a good opportunity for you to experience this beautiful city of GZ. Enjoy delicious food in here


I come from Guangzhou where is famous for its delicate cuisine and it’s the key important foreign trade city of China. I like riding, playing badminton and watching BBC documentary. Hope you will find comfort in living here. 

  • The years    2 years  in EF
  • If I had a million dollars, I would travel around the world to meet new people.
  • What keeps you here  -  People, my talented colleagues come from different part of the world, which enrich my daily working experience. 
  • Advice for new teachers. Don’t be shy to ask question about living in Guangzhou. Summer can be a little annoyed but winter is very comfortable.  Dim Sum is a must-try food. 



Bunny was born and raised in Shenzhen, which is an energetic and sunshine city. She joined EF and worked as an HR assistant during her internship, and then became a Chinese Teacher after graduation. Later she joined Visa team in 2010. She madly clings to outdoor activity and she has an intense fondness for food. She could tell you the best beach to go in this coastal city.

• THE YEARS: around 5 years including internship
• IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: Travel Travel and Travel!
• WHAT KEEPS YOU HERE: always learn more from my work and my colleagues




Mona is a very active and fun loving girl. She lives in the south, sunshine, the beach and Dimsum food is the typical life style. After study in Australia she worked in EFEC as an Event Coordinator for 2 years. Being a visa officer is such a fun job for her, not only working with multi national colleagues, but also having different culture experience sharing.  She loves cooking, baking and playing puzzle games.

• THE YEARS: 2.5 years

• IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I would like to travel the whole world, to explore new things, meet new friends and enjoy life.

• WHAT KEEPS YOU HERE: It is such a great experience to work with international colleagues, with so much innovation and such a supportive team!

• ADVICE FOR NEW TEACHERS: China is a very interesting place for you to explore, once you step off the plane you will love the people in here, enjoy the food and history, prepare for you fun and excitement!



Ava was born, raised and went to University in the Zhejiang province. After working as an office supervisor for three years, she joined EF and really enjoys working here! She  knows a lots of great places in Shanghai and she can tell you anything you need.


  • The years: 0.5 years in EF
  • If I had a million dollars: try and learn lots of new things in my life
  • What keeps you here: great people and environment at EF



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