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TKT Testimonial

Jodie Dong

TKT module exams are ideal ways for teachers who want to prove their teaching knowledge for international qualification. I found it valuable and resourceful to expand my knowledge of teaching methodologies in specific areas of English language teaching including knowing how to use teaching resources effectively, understanding key aspects of lesson planning, using different classroom management methods for different needs.

Katlyn Josway

Through EF I completed all of the TKT modules. I found that preparing for each module helped   me to delve deeper into understanding my role as an ESL teacher. The TKT modules gave me the opportunity to reflect on my teaching and develop better skills to improve myself as well. These tests were an excellent way to support my continuing professional development. 

Joshua Taylor

Taking TKT Modules 1&2 has been a very useful experience, which has prepared me for studying for the CertTESOL. I have had the chance to review a lot of practical and theoretical teaching methods and practices, and I learnt a lot about different approaches to teaching grammar and phonology which should stand me in good stead when taking my CertTESOL.


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