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TKT Module 1-3 and Young Learners



The Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) is not a training or development course, but a test of your current teaching knowledge and skills: TKT: Modules 1-3 focus on knowledge language and methodology, via paper based exams.



TKT is ideal for teachers who have experience but minimal formal qualifications and those whose qualifications are recognised locally but not internationally.  For teachers, it is a way for those who do not have the CELTA or DipTESOL to receive certification acknowledging the expertise they have gained through experience or more minor TESOL qualifications, without the need to commit to an intensive training programme. For EF, it is a measure of academic quality and a further tool for teacher development and career pathways.  Additionally, assessment emphasises teaching relevant to the particular context, which means it takes into consideration teachers ability to work in your centre, with your student groups, using your school’s tools and methodology.  It is equally relevant to EFEC and EF Kids and Teens. 


Eligibility and Preparation

The TKT is intended for experienced teachers (who do not have formal/internationally recognised qualifications).  This means it could be a challenge for less experienced teachers, especially if prior training didn’t involve practice teaching.  For this reason, all candidates will be required to complete a series of assessed self-study tasks which will serve a dual function: as a screening process to ensure candidates who are accepted are likely to receive a good result; and in general better prepare candidates for the test.The self-study component emphasises careful reading of the documents supplied by Cambridge ESOL as teachers often underestimate how much that will help during.  It also involves reflecting on extracts of classroom conversations and video clips of live lessons.



All candidates receive a certificate indicating a Band score ranging from 1 to 4, with a score of 3 (or higher) indicating a high standard of teaching. 



TKT Module 1, 2, 3 and Young Learners Application Procedure

TKT Application and Payment Form 



How much does it cost?

Is there any requirement to take the TKTs?

How long ago do I need to apply?

How often is TKT exam held?

Can I have my Chinese name on my certificate?

How will I get the TKT exam information?

Can I cancel TKT registration?

Are there free self-study materials available?

TKT Module 1-3 and Young Learners

Module 1  Background to language teaching

This module tests your knowledge of the terms and concepts of English language teaching. It focuses on the factors underpinning the learning of English.

The Test
TKT: Module 1 has one paper. It lasts 1 hour 20 minutes and has 80 questions. The test is divided into three parts:

  • describing language and language skills (40 questions)
  • background to language learning (15 questions)
  • background to language teaching (25 questions)


Module 2  Planning for language teaching

This module focuses on the knowledge and skills you need to plan a lesson or a series of lessons This module also refers to assessment and focuses on resources that can guide you in your lesson planning.

The Test
TKT: Module 2 has one paper. It lasts 1 hour 20 minutes and has 80 questions. The test is divided into two parts:

  • planning and preparing a lesson or a sequence of lessons (40 questions)
  • selection and use of resources (40 questions)


Module 3  Classroom management

This module tests:

  • knowledge of what happens in the classroom during language learning
  • the teacher’s role in classroom management
  • methods used to manage and make the most of interactions in the classroom.

The Test
TKT: Module 3 has one paper. It lasts 1 hour 20 minutes and has 80 questions. The test is divided into two parts:

  • teachers’ and learners’ language in the classroom (40 questions)
  • classroom management (40 questions)


Young Learners

TKT: Young Learners tests the background knowledge related to teaching young learners of between 6–12 years of age. It also tests understanding of planning lessons, different teaching strategies and assessing learning.

The Test
This module has one paper. It lasts 1 hour 20 minutes and has 80 questions. The test is divided into four parts:

  • learning and development
  • planning lessons
  • teaching strategies
  • classroom-based assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)   How much does it cost?

It costs 450 RMB for each module, Module 1, 2, 3 and Young Learners.

2)   Is there any requirement to take the TKTs?

You need to have Blue Card and also have received higher than Band 2 on TKT Module 1 or Young Learners to take other Modules.

3)   How long ago do I have to apply?

You need to apply at least 2 month before the exam month. For example, if you would like to take a TKT in July, you need to send your application form to tkt@ef.com by the end of April.

4)   How often is the TKT exam held?

TKT exam session is held once a month in each region, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Please note you may not be able to take a TKT in your desired month, depending on the number of applications. In such a case a notification mail will be sent to you from tkt@ef.com.

5)   Can I have my Chinese name on my certificate? 

Chinese characters are not accepted by the Cambridge system, but your name in Ping Yin can be printed on your certificate.  If it is different from your name you usually use, please write the name you would like to be printed on your certificate in "Name on certificate" of the TKT Application and Payment Form.

6)   How will I get TKT exam information? 

TKT exam information will be delivered through your managers.

7)   Can I cancel TKT registration? 

Once the registration is complete, it cannot be canceled.  Please contact tkt@ef.com.

8)   Are there free self-study materials available? 

Self-study materials are available here.

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