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Paul Taylor: paul.taylor@ef.com

Growing up between Michigan and Mississippi, Paul identifies with both the southern and Midwestern subcultures of the United States.  At 19, he had his first international experience as a study abroad student in Japan, and has been a cross-culture enthusiast ever since.  He is difficult to find unless you peruse museums and beautiful gardens, and since having arrived in China in October of 2015, he has taken a particular liking to street food and the color red.  His favorite period of Chinese history is the Three Kingdoms, and he considers himself to be an honorary member of the lineage of Cao Cao.  He spent his first two years in Nanjing, and is now enjoying the high quality of life in Wuxi.  Every two years he plans to relocate to a new Chinese city, so we’ll have to wait and see where Paul surfaces next! 


Billy He: Billy.he@ef.com

He was born and raised in China. After graduating from university, he chose to be employed in a department store. During those days, he learned to know how to make a speech in public. He found he was great at doing this, and also he enjoyed the feeling on the platform. He became a teacher for beginner students due to the devotion to English. It is not easy for him to start from scratch, but he is hungry for knowledge and keeps improving everyday.  He joined EF in October 2017. It is an excellent opportunity for him to realize his value of  life. Now, he is working at HSH center as a foundation teacher. 

Advice for new teachers:  If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.

West Region Teachers


Rachel Booty: rachael.booty@ef.com

Growing up in a small village in Norfolk, UK, Rachael always wanted to get out of her small village and travel to places she had only seen on her television. She wanted to try new foods and live in a culture not like her own. Once completing University, Rachael left her work as a Care Worker behind, and moved to Hong Kong to teach English. Rachael really enjoyed her experience. She found that she enjoyed teaching so much that she wanted to continue. Then after one year, she made the move to the mainland. Now, Rachael has had a whole different experience: she enjoys eating Hotpot, now appreciates spicy food and she enjoys visiting old historic areas of her city. Rachael moved to the city of Chongqing in May 2017 to join the EF SPB center, and has so many funny and inspiring students that she genuinely enjoys teaching every day.

Advice for new teachers:  Never be afraid to try anything new. The language barrier may make you scared to try doing anything new, but if you never try then you’ll never know, and the people here are friendly and want to help you.

Aviance Hendrick: aviance.hendricks @ef.com

Growing up, Aviance always knew she wanted to experience the world and all it had to offer. However, it wasn’t until she embarked on her collegiate journey at THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSIPPI that Aviance realized her education was her ticket to explore the world.  During her tenure at the university she participated in several community service trips across the U.S.  Aviance’s love for meeting new people, and experiencing new adventures was the catalyst for her move to China in June of 2016.  After only 2 days in Shanghai, Aviance immediately extended her contract opting for 15 months.  After 2 months training in the big city, Aviance flew to Chongqing to settle in and prepare for her son’s arrival while becoming acclimated to her work environment and new coworkers. She is enjoying her role as Life Club Specialist and serving as a mentor.  The immense amount of personal and professional growth she has experienced has given her an invaluable experience.

Advice to teachers: All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware, but it is on these journeys you discover who you truly are. 

Breda Bosch: breda.bosch@ef.com

Breda discovered her love for the world after traveling abroad for the first time to Florence, Italy for a semester with Gonzaga University. Before Europe, she had never moved from the Pacific Northwest state of Washington, and had only traveled around the US. Studying in a different country opened her eyes to the importance of learning about cultures that differ from her own, as well as intentionally trying to see the world from new perspectives. After volunteering with an immigrant population in Boston, MA for one year after college she realized a strong passion to move once again out of her own cultural comfort zone and experience a place far different from what she was used to. These passions for travel, adventure, and cultural awareness are what brought her to EF Kids and Teens in China in November, 2017. Since then she has developed a deep love for the city of Chongqing and her students at EF.


Advice to new teachers: Breathe. When you come to China there is so much to take in – the culture, the sounds, the language, the information about your job and EF. Breathe. We’ve all been there and know what it’s like to feel unsettled in a new place, so don’t forget to take care of yourself and never be afraid to reach out for help when you need it!

More CQ teachers

Alex Alarcon: alex.alarcon@ef.com


Lacey Goodloe: lacey.goodloe@ef.com

Lacey is a proud native of the San Francisco Bay Area. After graduating university, she worked in various positions teaching English to diverse communities, including native speakers and ESL students, while completing her TESOL certification. For Lacey, joining EF in July 2016 has proven a exciting opportunity to gain teaching experience while being immersed in totally new culture. She feels blessed to have made close friends in China with whom she’s shared many unforgettable experiences.

Advice for new teachers: Stay open and willing to learn, but at the same time, remember to stay connected to those who love you back home!


Tyler Burns Briscoe: tyler.burns-briscoe@ef.com

Growing up in a sleepy beach town in California, Tyler graduated University with an itch to see the world. During college, he taught in an English Summer Camp for a local University in Hanzhong. From that moment he got off the plane, he fell in love with the Middle Kingdom. 3 years later, the curiosity is still alive and burning. He loves to “get lost” in the streets of Chengdu, exploring the twists and turns of the alleyways. He loves to just walk. Walk until his feet hurt, because the best way to get the feel of a place is by pounding the pavement. Before coming to EF, He was teaching in Hanzhong, Xuzhou, Xi’an, and finally Chengdu. Before China, he was an Apprentice Welder and a Handyman but got restless with the same schedules, day after day. He joined EF in December 2016 and is now starting his next chapter in China at KJN in Chengdu.

Advice for New Teachers: Keep on learning something new every day!


Daisy Wu: Daisy.wu@ef.com

Daisy is always ready for new adventures. After 15 years of life in China, she decided to try something new. This led to her study abroad experience in the USA. Language was not the biggest challenge she encountered, it was culture shock. But she also learnt the importance of flexibility from this. When you stay in a foreign country, the most important thing is to experience. She tried her best to explore local culture through traveling. Then she realized it’s possible to find a balance between two different cultures. When Daisy came back to China, she found the balance again, that is EF. She particularly enjoys the motivating working style of this company and its power to bond different cultures together. 


Advice to new teachers: just like what I said to students, never underestimate your potential, once you start doing it, you will be surprised by who you can eventually become.


Shirley Yang: shirley.yangwh@ef.com

Shirley was born and raised in a city near Wuhan, China; She has been interested in languages,especially English ,ever since she was little. Majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language,Shirley was trained to be a teacher for second language learners in university .But she wants to help more Chinese people learn about English and western culture.So she chose a teacher after graduation.She was a teacher for kids and teens for one year and she taught adults for three months in Shenzhen.But she missed her hometown a lot, and Wuhan has been one of the most promising cities in China so she decided to come back. Shirley has been a local teacher in Wuhan TDC since May,2017, and she really enjoys teaching adults and working with teachers from different countries.   

Advice for new teachers: Keep an open mind and don’t worry about culture differences, once you get used to it, you’ll find that actually it’s such a bliss because it’s very interesting and you have a chance to know more about the world!


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