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Rikki Bramley: rikki.bramleyrenshaw@efcom.onmicrosoft.com

Rikki was raised near the beautiful beaches of Sydney, Australia, but took the time to travel around Australia and New Zealand. After her graduation from University of Sydney and several years as an office clerk, she decided to pursue her real passions: teaching and traveling. Rikki joined Suzhou's EFEC JHC center in 2018 and immediately got started on the task of exploring the famous gardens and ancient streets of one of the most beautiful cities in China.  Each and every day, EF has given her the opportunities to become a better teacher - from online training to the excellent company of her colleagues over dinner.


Advice for new teachers: A few words and a smile go a long way. Learn how to say hello and ask "How are you?" and watch how many local friends you can make!


Benjamin Irving: benjamin.irving@ef.com

Having studied music and performed in musical theatre since childhood, Ben often looked for a way he could use energy in his job; something that just wasn’t working for him back in the UK. After going to Sanya in Hainan, and also visiting the city of Chengdu for the wedding of a friend he made in university, Ben realised that China was one of the most vibrant countries in the world. He started his job teaching for a year in Xian, and after realising he loved the energy he could use as part of his job, he settled in Hangzhou where he’s been ever since. Ben loves the variety of activities he and his students can get involved in as part of the EF community, and also enjoys learning Chinese in his spare time.

Advice for new teachers:  Don’t be afraid or worried of trying new things (either in your job or socially) - even if they don’t work, you won’t have any problems from giving anything a go once!



Paul Taylor: paul.taylor@ef.com

Growing up between Michigan and Mississippi, Paul identifies with both the southern and Midwestern subcultures of the United States.  At 19, he had his first international experience as a study abroad student in Japan, and has been a cross-culture enthusiast ever since.  He is difficult to find unless you peruse museums and beautiful gardens, and since having arrived in China in October of 2015, he has taken a particular liking to street food and the color red.  His favorite period of Chinese history is the Three Kingdoms, and he considers himself to be an honorary member of the lineage of Cao Cao.  He spent his first two years in Nanjing, and is now enjoying the high quality of life in Wuxi.  Every two years he plans to relocate to a new Chinese city, so we’ll have to wait and see where Paul surfaces next! 


David Radford: david.radford@ef.com

Having grown up in America with family from the Philippines, David got the chance to travel to Asia at a young age. He has visited the Philippines a couple of times and has been to Canada and various parts of the U.S.. Now it’s David’s first time coming to China after a long period of no international travel. Before coming to China, David has had experience with tutoring children in America from ages 5-16. He signed up at EF back in Fall of 2017 right after graduating from university. After arriving in Shanghai for on-boarding he then set off for Nanjing HSH. Since then he’s had the opportunity to teach at every center in Nanjing but now currently resides in JNC.


Advice for new teachers: Don’t look at each challenge as an obstacle or an inconvenience. Whether it’s the language, culture, teaching, etc. Every time you’re faced with a difficult situation, look at it like a new learning opportunity just like how your students view learning English!


Jose Londono: jose.londono@ef.com

West Region Teachers


Rachel Booty: rachael.booty@ef.com

Growing up in a small village in Norfolk, UK, Rachael always wanted to get out of her small village and travel to places she had only seen on her television. She wanted to try new foods and live in a culture not like her own. Once completing University, Rachael left her work as a Care Worker behind, and moved to Hong Kong to teach English. Rachael really enjoyed her experience. She found that she enjoyed teaching so much that she wanted to continue. Then after one year, she made the move to the mainland. Now, Rachael has had a whole different experience: she enjoys eating Hotpot, now appreciates spicy food and she enjoys visiting old historic areas of her city. Rachael moved to the city of Chongqing in May 2017 to join the EF SPB center, and has so many funny and inspiring students that she genuinely enjoys teaching every day.

Advice for new teachers:  Never be afraid to try anything new. The language barrier may make you scared to try doing anything new, but if you never try then you’ll never know, and the people here are friendly and want to help you.

More CQ teachers:

Christopher Jackson: christopher.jackson@ef.com


Brian Symonds: brian.symonds@ef.com

Brian grew up in Los Angeles and moved to San Francisco in his early 20’s. After a variety of  careers he reinvented himself in his early 50’s by obtaining two teaching credentials in English and Social   Studies. Wanting to live abroad, he decided to use teaching as the vehicle and moved to China  before he became too old to get a work visa. He joined EF in 2016 at the WDK center moving to Xi’an the following year. Given his age and experience, he was able to quickly and effortlessly make the cultural adaptation from America to China without any of the shock usually associated with such a  move. He’s been fortunate to travel to some of the most famous cities in China as well as a trip to  Cambodia.


Advice to new teachers: If he could make such an enormous change after 57 years, it should be twice as easy for someone half his  age to do it. Thanks to this change he better understood that despite vast cultural differences, people  yearn for the same things in life that we all seek. At bottom, we aren’t all that different.



Tyler Burns Briscoe: tyler.burns-briscoe@ef.com

Growing up in a sleepy beach town in California, Tyler graduated University with an itch to see the world. During college, he taught in an English Summer Camp for a local University in Hanzhong. From that moment he got off the plane, he fell in love with the Middle Kingdom. 3 years later, the curiosity is still alive and burning. He loves to “get lost” in the streets of Chengdu, exploring the twists and turns of the alleyways. He loves to just walk. Walk until his feet hurt, because the best way to get the feel of a place is by pounding the pavement. Before coming to EF, He was teaching in Hanzhong, Xuzhou, Xi’an, and finally Chengdu. Before China, he was an Apprentice Welder and a Handyman but got restless with the same schedules, day after day. He joined EF in December 2016 and is now starting his next chapter in China at KJN in Chengdu.

Advice for New Teachers: Keep on learning something new every day!



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