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Oliver O'Mahony (Regional Education Manager - Adults)

I'm from County Kerry in the south-west of Ireland. I graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in Economics & Finance before moving abroad to live in France, Japan and now China.

I've been the Regional Education Manager for Shenzhen since November 2015. I joined EF in 2010 as an International Teacher at DWG Center in Shenzhen. Since that time, I held an interim Supervisor position before becoming a Center Education Manager. Prior to EF, I worked for almost 3 years teaching English to adults in Toyama, Japan. 

I'm a fan of all sports really and enjoy competitive chess whenever tournaments roll around. My favorite places to visit in the world are Dingle, West Kerry and Montpellier in the south of France. Come and chat with me if you see me anywhere in Shenzhen or in EF China!


Luke Biesiada (Senior Production Manager - Kids & Teens)

Luke joined EF last millennium! He started his EF journey with one of the EF franchise schools in Poland. He came to China in 2005, his initial plan was to stay here for 2 months. It has been 10 years already, and still counting. In 2008 he was promoted to a Director of Studies position and was transferred to a brand new center in Shenzhen, which has grown to be one of the biggest centers in China. In 2012, Luke became a Production Manager in Shenzhen, which continued to blossom with his support. He is a holder of Applied Linguistics degree and LCCI. Luke is known to be amiable and approachable, he enjoys photography and food, in fact he has compilations of food photos he has taken over the course of his travels around South-East Asia.


Stuart Marriner (Production Manager - Kids & Teens)

Stuart graduated from the University of Portsmouth, England in 2007 with a degree in Psychology. After University he traveled to Egypt, Russia and Korea before coming to China to complete a face to face TESOL course in Beijing and do some volunteer teaching in Shandong province. After 4 months as a volunteer teacher Stuart found he enjoyed teaching and wanted to try teaching professionally. Stuart applied to work in EF after asking the students from his previous TESOL course which company he should work at and being unanimously recommended to EF. He has been working  in EF Shenzhen since August 2008 starting as a Teacher, he became a Senior Teacher in 2010; a Director of Studies in 2011; A senior Director of Studies in 2013 and has been a Production Manager since 2014. During his time in EF he has completed his Diploma TESOL with EF, been actively involved in writing syllabus materials for the Summer, Winter courses and various training programs.  ‘EF is a company with a lot of opportunity to develop and push yourself. EF is such a global company that there is no glass ceiling and there are no limits except those you place on yourself.’


Lei Garcia (Academic Trainer - Kids & Teens)

Lei possesses a decade of solid ESL teaching experience before becoming a Trainer. One of the pioneers of EF, she certainly has the know-how’s of the EF Kids & Teens products and learners. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and has Masters in English Teaching. Before becoming a Trainer, Lei was a Senior Teacher and then a Director of Studies in one of the biggest centers in Shenzhen.

She comes from the sunny Philippines and comes from a family with a great passion for food. As you can surmise, she enjoys eating, cooking,  and staying with her family during her days off.


Matt Courtois (trainer)

After graduating university, Matt started his TEFL career by volunteering in a Bolivian high school. He went on to teach young learners and adults in South Korea, Nepal, Russia, and now China, where he's been for 5 years. Since joining TRT, Matt has been responsible for teacher training in Shenzhen and Dongguan. He's run distance learning courses in Management and Teaching Grammar. He's currently pursuing a Diploma in TESOL. Previous to this role, he was a teacher for EFEC in Guangzhou, then Senior Teacher, and Center Education Manager.

Special Interests: onboarding for new teachers, student and teacher motivation, grammar


Bunny Huang (visa supervisor)

Bunny was born and raised in Shenzhen, which is an energetic and sunshine city. She joined EF and worked as an HR assistant during her internship, and then became a Chinese Teacher after graduation. Later she joined Visa team in 2010. She madly clings to outdoor activity and she has an intense fondness for food. She could tell you the best beach to go in this coastal city.

• THE YEARS: around 5 years including internship
• IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: Travel Travel and Travel!
• WHAT KEEPS YOU HERE: always learn more from my work and my colleagues



Mona Wong (visa officer)

Mona is a very active and fun loving girl. She lives in the south, sunshine, the beach and Dimsum food is the typical life style. After study in Australia she worked in EFEC as an Event Coordinator for 2 years. Being a visa officer is such a fun job for her, not only working with multi national colleagues, but also having different culture experience sharing.  She loves cooking, baking and playing puzzle games.

• THE YEARS: 2.5 years

• IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: I would like to travel the whole world, to explore new things, meet new friends and enjoy life.

• WHAT KEEPS YOU HERE: It is such a great experience to work with international colleagues, with so much innovation and such a supportive team!

• ADVICE FOR NEW TEACHERS: China is a very interesting place for you to explore, once you step off the plane you will love the people in here, enjoy the food and history, prepare for you fun and excitement!


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