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Ashley Everage, EF Kids & Teens Teacher 

Upon leaving home after high school for university and graduate studies in different states and a brief study abroad at Oxford, Ashley has always had a sense that the world was bigger than her own backyard. In May of 2016, she embarked on her biggest adventure to date. She started with EF Kids and Teens and then transferred to Shenzhen’s first Teen only school in February of 2017. She has enjoyed the journey thus far and is looking forward to any new opportunities EF has in store.

Eileen Huang, EF Kids & Teens Teacher 

Growing up in China Guangdong Province, know as one of the first-tier cities, Eileen had dreamed to make lots of foreign friends since she was a child. She has kept in touch with her three foreign pen pals for more than two years. Eileen likes to experience new things and she has traveled in several parts in China with her family and friends. As a Kids and Teens’ teacher, Eileen always treats things in an optimistic and passionate way. Before coming to EF, Eileen taught in another Kids and Teens’ company for one year. She joined EF in March 2016 and, after a whirlwind week training in centre office, went to join her teaching team at Shenzhen Kids and Teens Center 7.

  • Advice for new teachers: One of the useful tips about your teaching is to act like a kid and enjoy the class together with them!
  • Contact information: Eileen.HuangSZ@ef.com

Eileen Huang, EF Kids & Teens Teacher 

Growing up in Shenzhen, China, Jenny has worked and traveled through parts of Europe and the United States of America before relocating in China. Jenny firmly believes education opens the eyes to the world and every experience counts, so she’s always up to enjoy making new friends, trying new food and embracing the different cultures. Jenny realizes there are a lot more for her to explore in Shenzhen even she’s from the place. She likes to try new things and challenges herself by taking cooking classes and learning tennis lessons. Before coming to EF, Jenny taught First Grade kids in the United Stats for three years. She started her career with EF in May 2016 with Kids and Teens.

  • Advice for new teachers: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Contact information: jenny.tansz@ef.com

Shin Koido, EF Education Center, Adults Teacher 

Shin’s family has always valued understanding different cultures and how people from different places experienced things, so he always traveled growing up. Shin loves understanding why people from different countries do the things they do, and wants to learn from them.  After working in an university and the government, and living in the US, Japan and Australia, he felt it was time to experience living in a brand new country that was out of his comfort zone, and that was China. He joined EFEC in November of 2013 coming to Shenzhen, and has been at Shenzhen’s CHC centre ever since.

  • Advice for new teachers: Ask for advice about getting used to living in China from your colleagues, whether food, places to live or hang out. We’ve all been there, and are more than happy to help you out
  • Contact information: shintaro.koido@ef.com

Katelyn Dato, EF Education Center, Adults Teacher 

The travel bug caught her at an early age after her parents took her traveling all over America as a young girl. Although she never travelled outside of America until coming to China, she always found the time to travel with her friends and family around the USA. Before college, she worked as an After-School director as well as summer camp counsellor. After graduating college, an opportunity arose to become a General Manager in the fitness industry which gave her an insight into the management field and her first real job. But after four years, she knew it was the perfect time to search for a new career. After over a year of ESL teaching in Hebei province, she now finds herself enjoying the beautiful weather and rewarding job here at EF in Shenzhen.


  • What keeps you here: The food, the language and the adventures!
  • Advice for new teachers: Take every opportunity that comes your way!

A few more!

Emma Gelsthorpe, Shenzhen Kids & Teens Teacher 

  • Contact information: emma.gelsthorpe@ef.com

Brad Lim, Shenzhen Kids & Teens Teacher 

  • Contact information: brad.kim@ef.com

Kristiane Moe-Kristy, Shenzhen Kids & Teens Teacher 

  • Contact information: kristiane.moe@ef.com

Jenny Tan, Shenzhen Kids & Teens Teacher 

  • Contact information: jenny.tansz@ef.com

Sajjad Sharief, Shenzhen Kids & Teens Teacher

  • Contact information: sajjad.sharief@ef.com


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