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Orfila Tan: orfila.tan@ef.com

Growing up in a small coastal city in the north of China, Orfila always enjoys exploring a bigger world. She travelled around the world and learned different languages. Knowing the importance of English, she did her master degree in English Language Studies in Hong Kong. After her graduation, she joined EF as a local teacher. Teaching English to help kids see a bigger and more colourful world with fun is her goal. The big EF family can not only help you to develop your career plan, make you become a more professional teacher, but also give you a good opportunity to make friends from all over the world. Work hard in the office and class, play hard together with all the EFers.

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get. She always tries the new things and faces the challenges with a positive attitude. Being one of the Teacher Ambassadors and mentor specialist in EF, she grew up with lots of new teachers together. She always believes that she can make her dream come true with EF. Be different and make a difference, go for a meaningful and colourful life and never give up.  

David Perkins: david.perkins@ef.com

When David was a freshman in high school he had to opportunity to visit his family in Europe. Since this time David had the travel bug. In high school he participated in a foreign exchange program with Mexico and in college he studied in Germany a year while earning his second degree in International Business Studies. After college he went back to Germany where he played and coached an American Football team. Upon returning to the USA he worked as a retail manager for a major big box retailer. In 2017 his “wonderlust” got the best of him and he chose to work at EF in Shenzhen, China

Advice for new teachers:  You will never succeed if you don’t first try. In teaching you’ll get to try many different methods and techniques that may or may not work with who you are and your classroom profile. One of the greatest benefits about EF is the support your fellow teachers and staff give you. In addition, there are many opportunities for continuing education with distant learning and advance certification courses.

Christopher Castillo: christopher.castillo@ef.com

Christopher grew up in the United States of America. He attended and graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City. He enjoys poetry, music, hiking, dancing, and many more activities. Traveling, and experiencing other cultures has been a large part of his life since he was young. Due to these experiences Christopher gained a great desire and ability to try new things. He’s glad to be achieving these experiences here in China with EF. Christopher looks forward to teaching students and helping them to achieve their goals, and developing many more lifelong relationships and experiences while doing so.

Advice for teachers: Find the joy in learning and in life, and you’ll always be able to overcome any obstacle you face.

More Kids and Teens teachers:

Peter Crompton: peter.crompton@ef.com

Adult Center Teachers 

Carlos Franco: carlos.franco@ef.com

Having  been presented with the opportunity to live in China, due to his wife’s occupation in kitchen-tool manufacturing and production, Carlos decided that it was the perfect time in his career to try something new.  His formal education (B.Sc. & M.Sc.) and experience  (over 10 years) in the field of behavioral psychology seemed to match quite well with the EF model of: Learn --> Try --> Apply , and he was quite eager to learn about IPA and grammar. Carlos landed in Shenzhen right before Chinese New Year 2016 and was instantly amazed at all the sights, sounds, and smells of his new city. Later, in November of 2016, Carlos took part in a Teacher Exchange  program that took him all the way to Ningbo, Zhejiang where he spent 2 weeks making more friends and learning more about China’s rich history. He has become proficient in his chopstick skills, and enjoys Hunan and Szechuan food because of the spice. Carlos has also become a tea drinker; which is a shock because he spent most of his adult life in Seattle, and though nothing could uproot his coffee habit!


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