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Will Sanderson (Academic Development Manager China)

Will arrived in China more than 11 years ago pursuing his passion for language and culture and as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine turned towards English as a foreign language in 2006. At this time, a teacher for Shanghai Pudong school he made a quick rise through the ranks due to a passion for learning and development. After leading more than 5 individual schools as a Director of Studies and a region of 6 schools as a Production Manager will then focused on big projects which have had a lasting impact on EF in China and on a Global scale, projects such as My First Lesson, Efekta Course Management Systems Academic Development Programs and the iKnowEF online learning platform. Will holds a Trinity Diploma in TESOL, leads a team of Academic Trainers and is currently refining his focus now towards the development of people, mostly academic staff with direct involvement in teacher on-boarding, inductions, skills development, leadership training and certification.

Special Interests: Staff Development, Projects and Implementations, Human Behavior, Leadership and Communications and Training Systems Design


Matthew Wikeley (Senior Production Manager)

Matt has been working with EFL young learners since 2000, when he started as a teacher in Taiwan. Since then he has been a Director of Studies in China and Japan, as well as an Academic Operations Manager working with Language Travel courses in the UK. In these roles he was heavily involved in teacher training and development as well as putting together course programmes.

Matt returned to China in 2012, joining EF in 2013 and is currently a Regional Production Manager for EF Kids and Teens in Shanghai. He holds both the University of Cambridge ESOL CELTA and Delta qualifications, and in his varied role as Production Manager, working with recruitment, schools and DoSs he still particularly enjoys working with new teachers during induction, to help them maximise their working experience in China.

Special Interests: School Operations Systems, Induction Programmes and teaching Small Stars


Simon Galloway  (Senior Production Manager)

Simon started teaching English in Fukuyama, Japan, almost 12 years ago. He then moved to China where he has worked for EF in Yuyao, Wuhan and now in Shanghai. He has been a teacher, senior teacher, DOS (in 3 different schools) and Production Manager, and has Cert.TEOL, Dip.TESOL, and IDLTM qualifications. During his teaching career he has taught all ages from 3 to 65, been a judge on Hubei Province’s Star of Outlook speech contest coached TOEFL and IELTS applicants and once taught a class of over 1000 students. Now as one of Shanghai’s EF Kids’ Production Managers, he oversees academic operations in 4 schools, while learning a lot about language development from watching his young son.

Special Interests: child development, theories of learning and memory, technology in the classroom, collecting and using feedback


Jennefer Camacho-Mamigo (Production Manager)


JC hails from Manila, Philippines. She started her career with EF 9 years ago with Englishtown as an online teacher and study coach.

She moved to Kids & Teens to become a teacher in 2008 and has continued to progress via the academic route to her current position. She obtained various ESL qualifications over the years and her passion in people development resulted to coaching many of her teachers to the position of Senior Teacher and Director of Studies. As a Production Manager she takes responsibility of the academic operations in 4 schools in Shanghai with over 5000 students and 80+ teachers.

Special Interests: People Development; leadership


Samuel Evans (Production Manager)

Samuel graduated from the University of Loughborough with a degree in English in 2005, before completing a PGCE at the University of Bedfordshire in 2006. After three years as a high school teacher of English & Media Studies in Nottingham,  Samuel has worked in two Chinese cities- Shanghai and Chongqing- teaching a variety of different levels including very young learners, teenagers, business English students and IELTs students.- as well as subsequently taking roles as a Director of Studies & Production Manager. Samuel holds an International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, leading to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).

Special Interests: Teacher training and mentoring, project management, customer service management.


Jennifer McNally  (trainer)

Jennifer began her teaching career 17 years ago teaching at two 2-year colleges in Los Angeles, California. In 2007, she joined EF in Beijing as a teacher and subsequently moved into the roles of Senior Teacher and Center Education Manager for EFEC. As Regional Trainer for Shanghai, Jennifer has onboarded over 400 teachers for the Shanghai, East and West Regions. She has overseen distance learning courses for Introduction to Management, Phonology and the Reflective Practice. She holds a Masters in Art History from the University of Tucson and graduated with a BA in history/art history from UCLA. She is an approved TKT practical block assessor through Cambridge.

Special Interests: Phonology, receptive skills, refelctive practice, lesson planning


Elyn Chen (visa supervisor)

Elyn was born and raised in Shanghai. She is a typical Shanghainese girl. Exploring new landmarks in this city, having afternoon tea with friends in a cozy café, window-shopping along those artistical alleys are the most often-doing things in her leisure time. She is also a big dessert fan. Her favorite TV program is “Independent Inspector” of ICS, which offers her a lot of choices for hanging out. If anyone wants to learn Shanghainese, she is more than happy to help.

  • The years: 3 years with EF
  • If I had a million dollars: I would open a Chinese school and cooperate with EF. All the foreign teachers can come to my school learning Chinese.
  • What keeps you here: The opportunities to improve myself and to meet different people keep me feeling I have been growing up with this company.
  • Advice for new teachers: Learn Chinese. Try local food. Immerse yourself in this city.



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