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Kelsey Siegel: kelsey.siegel@EF.com

Kelsey has traveled all the way from Miami, USA to Shanghai. As a recent university graduate, she was searching for a job that would fulfill her passion for teaching while also allow her to explore new cultures. Since her time here, she has experienced a positive outlook of China, which has exceeded her expectations. She loves the diversity of food, history and people, as well as the plethora of activities that Shanghai has to offer. Kelsey is not only active in her school, but in the EF community as well. She has taken full advantage of EFs TRT events, fitness classes, and has volunteered with the EF Hearing program. Kelsey works for EF Kids and Teens and has thoroughly enjoyed her experience working with the children as they continue to develop in the classroom. 

Alisa Liu: alisa.liu@EF.com

Alisa joined EF in June 2017 after graduating from university and now is the mentor specialist in SH10, Kids & Teens. While her major in college was engineering, she chose to devote herself to English education all because of her love for children and her belief that Education changes the world, which were confirmed when she took part in an AIESEC project for kids in distant community with international volunteers. After deciding to settle in Shanghai, she firmly aimed at joining in EF not just for the great reputation of the enterprise, but also for the wonderful opportunity to interact with people from different countries with various cultural background and develop herself in such a globalized environment. After nominated as the mentor specialist in her center, she determined to participate in the Teacher Ambassador program to be more involved in the prospective teachers’ development.

Advice for new teachers:  It could be challenging yet also  rewarding  to go out of your comfort zone and explore new things in your life. So why not give a shot?

Nancy Ji: Nancy.Ji@EF.com

Coming from the south part of China, Anhui province where you will find the famous Yellow Mountain. From her friends and colleague’s perspective, Nancy is a friendly and warmhearted person. She believes that teaching children is the most enjoyable and stimulating work that she has ever done. Before she joined EF, she was a teacher assistant in Disney English and a teacher in Rise Subject English. All the experiences she gained from teaching children better prepared her to be a teacher at EF as well as an aunt for her beloved niece and nephew. She started the journey with EF in May 2015, Zhang Jiang Center which is a small center, but it’s a place like home.

Alexis Ciara Selby: alexis.selby@EF.com

From Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, Alexis came to Shanghai in September 2017 to begin her career as an EFL teacher. Alexis had always imagined herself living and teaching abroad, and upon graduating, she felt it was the perfect time and opportunity to take the leap and join the EF team in China. While in Shanghai, Alexis has enjoyed the local food and culture, making friends with local colleagues, challenging herself by learning Mandarin, and traveling to other Chinese cities and nearby Asian countries. Her past times in Shanghai include listening to Chinese music, learning to read Chinese, and planning weekend get-aways. She says the most rewarding part of her job is seeing the smiles on her students’ faces when they grow more confident and natural in using English. Alexis works with Kids and Teens in Minhang district of Shanghai. 


Advice to new teachers: Don’t stop when things get challenging- push yourself harder, for the betterment of yourself and your students! 

Bongeka Ndzishe: bongeka.ndzishe@EF.com 

From the Eastern Cape, South Africa, coming from a family of teachers, it is no surprise that Bongeka finds herself in education. She sparked the interest to teach abroad while in University. After graduating, she worked as an Online English Teacher and developed her passion for teaching. She recalls the experience as a daily trip around the globe as she interacted with English enthusiasts from all over the world, gaining a lot of different perspectives and insights from different people. She then decided to take the opportunity of exploring new adventures and developing her teaching and joined EF in Shanghai in October 2017 as a Kids and Teens teacher.

With her time here, she has been able to travel in and around Asia. She has seen herself develop professionally and personally as she navigates life in a different country. She has had nothing but a positive experience in China. One of her favorite adventures in China was hiking up the Purple mountain in Nanjing. She finds it most rewarding when she sees her students use what they learn in class in everyday life and how they beam and shout her name when they see her, as she aims to impact others’ lives positively in all that she does.

One of her fondest moments was a presentation workshop she gave at the 2018 Teacher Conference about her home country, where her audience expressed learning more about her country, it’s history, languages and appreciating the cultural exchange.

Advice to new teachers: Take everything within your stride, be open minded to what is new to you. Have your experiences be an opportunity to learn and grow, and remember it always seems impossible until it’s done.


More Kids and Teens Teachers:

Evelyn Jing: evelyn.jing@EF.com

Fay Wang: fay.wangsh@EF.com

 Kids and Teens Online Teachers

Margaret Radl: margaret.radl@EF.com

Margaret (Maggie) learned Chinese throughout high school and college so she always planned on moving to China after graduation. Spending almost four years as a camp counselor she knew she loved working with children therefore she quickly realized teaching would be the next step. This is her fifth time living in China so she’s had lots of adventures but one of her favorite's would be exploring the nature in Nanjing. With a background in environmental studies she always feels most at home amongst some greenery. Maggie’s favorite accomplishment through EF was planning a pancake breakfast for her entire team. There was are lots of intricate parts to putting together a team building event therefore it was one of her proudest moments.  Her best advice for new teachers is don’t be afraid to have fun. Some of the best lessons come from acting like a goofball as the kids respond very well to it. For those who are nervous to move to China.

Advice to new teachers: Push yourself out of your comfort zone! Many people who have been working for EF multiple years were first nervous when they moved to China and now they couldn’t picture their life any differently!

Keith Downing: keith.downing@ef.com

Transplanted from Panama City Beach, Florida, known as the “Redneck Riviera”, Keith uprooted his wife and newborn daughter with the hope of starting a new adventure in Shanghai. Keith traveled through Europe twice on EF guided tours before deciding to join the company that allowed him to experience new cultures as a teenager. Keith is a communication nut, travel enthusiast and a total foodie. You can find him each weekend rummaging through street vendors for food or relaxing in one of the many parks with his family. He began working with EF in March of 2018 with the Kids Online department located in Pudong.

Jason Julies: jason.julies@ef.com

Born in South Africa, Jason is no stranger to living with different cultures and languages. He spent most of his life travelling in his home country. He has always been drawn to teaching, and has been apart of numerous different training programmes, both at schools, and outside of the classroom. Jason says the most rewarding part of teaching is seeing his students put into practise what they’ve learnt in class.
Before joining the EF team, he was a school music teacher, teaching both kids and adults alike. He joined EF in November 2017 as a teacher for the Kids and Teens Online program, and is currently based at the online centre in 


Advice for new teachers:  Whenever you have the opportunity to do something, seize it. We only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Adult Center Teachers

Stella Che: stella.che@ef.com

Shanghai Online Teachers

Itumeleng Raseroka: itumeleng.raseroka@ef.com

Tumi was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.  His family lived in four different cities in South Africa so travel was something he got used to from a young age. He considers himself extremely lucky to have studied and worked in Atlanta, USA for seven years. He now finds himself making a new home away from home working as an adult English teacher in EF's Shanghai online training centre. He's always enjoyed various sports especially soccer as its a great way to make friends with like minded people. His second favourite form of exercise is music events. Live music always takes him to interesting venues, and he enjoys exploring Shanghai this way with high hopes of exploring greater China! Mr Raseroka's interests have seen him in Sales and business development in financial services and IT asset management. Education technology is a particularly interesting field that he enjoys working in now!

Charles Maez: charles.maez@EF.com

Charles was born and raised in sunny Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. He graduated in 2013 and immediately began a career in Finance. As the years went by, Charles yearned for a change and wanted a new experience. When opportunity arose, Charles decided to pursue a lifelong dream of his and teach English abroad. He previously toured Europe with EF College Break and we was excited to learn that EF offered teaching opportunities in China. He came to Shanghai in January 2018 and settled in as an adult online teacher. Charles really enjoys teaching adults online because he gets the opportunity to meet students from all across China. When not teaching, Charles enjoys exploring Shanghai and learning more about the local culture and the language. He also enjoys helping new teachers and regularly helps out with his centers training for new teachers.

Advice for new teachers: Challenge yourself to have new experiences and learn about the culture. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 


Jessica Patrick: jessica.patrick@ef.com

For as long as she can remember, Jessica has always been interested in learning other languages and travelling the world speaking them. She hopes to learn a new language for every continent she manages to live on, and has so far lived on three. She believes that, ironically, learning about other languages and cultures is the best way to learn about yourself. She's worked with EF Kids and Teens in Beijing and at EF's Online Training Center in Shanghai and can't begin to tell you which city is better, so don't ask her. She still doesn't know :). One of her favorite EF moments was when she was given the chance to go with EF Teacher Travel to Inner Mongolia with a great group of teachers from all over the world who came from EF centers all over China! EF opens the world for its students and its teachers too!

Advice for new teachers: Keep an open mind and learn what you can from every experience you have. Everyone and everything is a teacher, including you!

Fuzhou Kids and Teens Teachers

Brian Sokhela: brian.sokhela@EF.com

All the way from a small town in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa called Vryheid. He tries to take part in as many social events as he can while trying not to spend too much money at once. He loves exploring this amazing city, trying out new restaurants and meeting new and fun people. If you are lucky enough to make it to the Fuzhou you will always find him greeting and talking to people. He studied to be a teacher and he has been teaching for a while and when he was teaching about 300 kids in South Africa He felt that something was missing. So a friend of his who was already working at EF told him about how he could teach and travel, well you know the result of that conversation, He is here now and loving it. He has made so many friends and has had the chance to see so much more of China than he expected. HE Taught at the online center in Shanghai and now he is teaching kids and teens in Fuzhou   

Advice to new teachers: Enjoy every moment, Be open to new ideas, food and cultural activities and you will open yourself up to new experiences. The worst thing you can do is say I should have…. I have been here for almost 3 years go with the flow.


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