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Cameron Shephard: cameron.shepherd@ef.com

Shortly after finishing college, Cameron decided to follow his dream of living and working abroad.  After spending most of his life in a small town he came to the realization that he needed to experience more of what the world has to offer.  With several years’ experience as a swim coach, he decided to devote more time to his passion for sharing knowledge.  Now he is based in Shanghai, teaching for EF Kids and Teens while simultaneously exploring the city.  In the past year, Cameron has taken advantage of his life in China, studying the language and finding new restaurants and cafes to frequent.  He has also traveled extensively during his time in Asia, scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand and hiking throughout Southeast Asia. 

Advice for new teachers: “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.” –Wayne Gretzky

Kelly Collier: kelly.collier@ef.com

Kelly is born and raised in Southern Africa and has travelled extensively around the world. She is an avid adventurer who loves outdoor sports and swimming. She loves interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. She was a practicing Attorney before she came to teach in China. Her areas of law were in various fields such as Conveyancing, Family and Corporate Law. In May 2018, she joined EF and has been enjoying a new and exciting journey.  In short space of time, she has received several accolades and continues to grow and excel with the company.

Advice for new teachers: Try, what is the harm. You end up with a whole new set of friends from around the global village.

Dora Wang: dora.wangsh@ef.com

Born and grown up in Shanghai, one of the most international cities in the world, Dora has a open mind and always wants to try new things. She joined EF in 2013 as a TA, then she flew to the US and spent almost two years in California, embracing different cultures made her more confident and independent. She rejoined EF in 2017 as a teacher because of the international working environment and supportive system.

Advice for new teachers:  To explore different parts of the world and different emotional lives, not to hide from who you are but to actually explore who you are.

Justin Everett: justin.everett@ef.com

Having lived in Australia for more than 20 years, Justin decided he wanted to step out of his comfort zone and experience what it's like to live in another country. Graduating in accounting and business law, and eventually becoming dispassionate with these subjects, he wanted to see what other opportunities were out there. In 2016, after hearing about EF and the possibility of living in China, he abruptly packed his bags and left, and hasn't looked back since. He has found EF has provided plenty of opportunities to travel, especially taking two all-expenses paid trips in his two and a half years at the company. He has also used EF's flexibility to his advantage by going on numerous trips around Shanghai and Asia. He loves to travel and to give new and prospective teachers advice on where they should travel next. He started his EF career in 2016, mainly with Kids and Teens but also working part-time at universities with EF's Academic Partnership division. In addition, he has worked his way to up to a Senior Teacher position within his first 15 months. 

Lebogang Serwale: lebogang.serwale@ef.com

After spending almost five years working as a teacher in the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg South Africa, Lebogang found her self longing for travel and an adventure. She had lived in South Africa her whole life and the Idea of living in a foreign country for the first time was very daunting. It was very important for her to work with a company that was reliable, had a good reputation and was well established in the market.

Lebo moved to Shanghai in 2016 and has never looked back. Being in a modern city retained the sense of home which she was used to but also offered an opportunity to learn a new culture, language and still share her own culture with the world. Being in Shanghai also offered a variety of cuisines for a foodie like her. Almost three years later she is still living in and learning more about Shanghai and China, slowly trying to travel all 22 provinces and learning Chinese. But most importantly, making life long friendships all around the world.

Advice for new teachers: Never stop learning. Whether it is learning about the culture, language or teaching skills.

More Kids Teachers:

Jiayin Tang: jiayin.tang@ef.com

 Kids and Teens Online Teachers

Juan Pestana: juan.pestana@ef.com

As a kid, Juan always enjoyed traveling with his  family. He speaks English, and Spanish and has recently been practicing his Mandarin in China. Juan saw an opportunity In EF to go to a place that he had never been before. Another benefit of going on this adventure was to try new foods, experience a different culture, and people. Before coming to EF he was a Business school student studying Finance and graduated class of 2018. He arrived In August 2018 and after he completed his training he met his new colleagues at Kids Online at the Shanghai CCC center in Pudong.

Advice for new teachers:  It’s OK not to know everything. There will always be people who can help along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Rayna Abernethy: rayna.abernethy@ef.com

Rayna is a small town girl who escaped the suburbs of Canada for the bustling city of Shanghai. She has been teaching at Kids Online for over a year now, and is amazed at all the progress she has seen EF, and her students, accomplish in such a short time! Rayna has a background in English Language and Literature, and she brings this love of reading and writing into the classroom. Since coming to China, Rayna has found a love for the Chinese language, and especially the food. She has travelled all over the country looking for the best vegetarian dishes.

Advice for new teachers: You’ll never know until you try it!”. I live by the motto “Get out of your comfort zone”. Working in China is an amazing opportunity not many people get. Experiencing another country and culture is an eye-opener that can only be experienced first hand.

Jamie Fensham: jamie.fensham@ef.com

Having visited China for a 2 week trip while still in school, I have always wanted to return and see more of this large and beautiful country, and experience more of the fast paced, vibrant and exciting place that Shanghai is. EF helped make this a reality, and after a year living here, I am still discovering new things to do and places see almost every weekend.

I enjoy running, and have been pleasantly surprised by how large the fitness community is here in Shanghai. You never have to go for a run or workout alone, and there always someone who can show you a part of the city you haven’t seen before, or a new coffee shop you haven’t tried yet.

 Advice for new teachers: Be open to trying new things and meeting new people and chances are Shanghai will exceed all of your expectations, and then some.

Adult Center Teachers

Jillian Wesselow : jillian.wesselow@ef.com

Jillian was raised for the most part in North Carolina, until settling in Montreal when she was 18. Growing up, she loved everything to do with world history, politics,  and geography, so she made it her goal to experience other countries in person.  China was always intriguing to her, since is was so different from her own country. She studied a little bit of Chinese politics and economics during her degree, but realized she didn’t know much about Chinese people. She arrived in Shanghai in late February 2018 with the plan to take a break, before pursuing her masters in public policy. She’s worked at XZG centre for the past year, and has greatly enjoyed the company of her colleagues and students.

Advice for new teachers: There’s not much to be afraid of, be willing to challenge yourself! Every fear you have is the same fear that every other current teacher once had. It won’t take long for you to grin at the uneasiness you once had.

Shanghai Online Teachers

Amber Smith: amber.smith@ef.com

Amber's favorite moment with EF from the time she arrived was landing at Shanghai International Airport; finally arriving as she puts it. She came to China to work with English First for a very simple reason, adventure. After spending years, working multiple jobs and going to school full time, she looked around and decided it was time for an adventure.  Imagine her surprise when the next day she saw the English First job positing (yeah it was shocking), she applied because “why not?” Amber’s favorite China adventure so far has been visiting Hangzhou. Hangzhou is an amazing city with great architecture, pace of life, and people. Visiting West Lake in Hangzhou made the trip incredible; it’s an utterly gorgeous place. While aboard, Amber has come to realize the importance of some truths. Like, “life is short”, this saying is often overdone and pushed aside. But it is a very harsh truth. Amber has decided to ‘make the most of every moment” that she has left.

Advice for potential teachers: Life should be an adventure; don’t waste one moment on regrets.

Neliswa Dlamini: neliswa.dlamini@ef.com

Neliswa chose EF because of it’s unavoidable presence in the global education market. She wanted to be part of the amazing brand and experience. It sure was a safe bet because EF is efficient and looks after it’s employees, making it easier to move to a new country by providing exceptional support to it’s new teachers.  One of her favorite China adventures was travelling to Nanjing and Hangzhou. It was such a beautiful adventure (living in Shanghai is an adventure itself).The cities are beautiful, the people are very friendly and always willing to help, and she's never felt so safe in her entire life.

Advice for new teachers: Go for it, you’ll thank me later. You’re about to embark on a journey filled with numerous beautiful surprises ,experiences and lovely souls. ‘’Here’s to making friends from every part of the world”

Fuzhou Kids and Teens Teachers

Laura Schofield: laura.schofield@ef.com

Laura has always had a passion for travel and is always on the lookout for adventure. After finishing her Master’s degree in Climate Change, she was hoping to take a more permanent vacation and move abroad. Looking for an opportunity to explore more of the world, gain some foreign language skills and immerse herself in a different culture, she applied to EF on a bit of a whim, and 3 months later she was living in her new home in Fuzhou.

Advice to new teachers: Leave all prior perceptions and expectations behind and embrace every opportunity that comes your way.



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