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Sarah Ohashi: sarah.ohashi@ef.com

Sarah grew up in Southern California in the United States and graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Creative Writing. Her focus was in writing fiction, but she also developed a portfolio in poetry and non-fiction as well. She used her passion for the arts to become a dance teacher and coach at a local high school where she worked until her move to China in June 2017. Since moving to China she has only furthered her love for teaching and has continued to grow and find a community of foreign and locals alike. She has become a Teacher Ambassador in the hopes that her experiences will help those who have just begun their own journey as well.

Advice for new teachers: Keep a positive outlook and always look for the humour in things! Have an open mind and let your students teach you as much as you teach them.

John Carey: john.carey@ef.com

John joined EF in November 2016 just a few months after graduating from university. He joined SH15 in Shanghai were he teaches kids and teens. The oppportunity to teach, travel and learn about new languages as well as meeting people from around the world is what brought him to China and also what still keeps him here. His favorite EF moments are when his students return from travelling with their families to him that they met a 外国人 (foreigner) and practiced speaking English with them. John’s favorite adventure in China has been camping overnight on the Great Wall of China and waking up early to watch the sunrise (Hiking the Yellow Mountains in Huangshan a very close second!). During his time teaching in China, John has learned to be more adaptable, open-minded and patient person both in and outside the classroom

Advise to new teachers: Fortune favours the brave! Teaching and living in China is an extremely rewarding experience that cannot be bought. If you come to China you will find a nation that embraces foreigners and who have the upmost respect for teachers.  

Lisa Liu: lisa.liuyang@ef.com

Lisa majored in English during her undergraduate study. In her third year of university, she had an opportunity to study in the UK as an exchange student. This experience opened a new door for her, and inspired her to see the world from a different perspective. After 3 year’s teaching, she went to further her study in Edinburgh, where she completed her master degree in TESOL. After her graduation, the love for teaching and learning about different cultures encouraged her to come to EF.

Advice for new teachers:  Education is rooted in love. Show your love and learners will grow!

Amelia Greenham: amelia.greenham@ef.com

Amelia spent her childhood in Shanghai which inspired her to return to the city to teach after she graduated university, in March 2017. She has found a vastly different city to the one she left as a child and has found it highly enjoyable to rediscover old memories as well as to explore the city as an independent adult.  Amelia has experienced challenges moving to the other side of the classroom, teaching as opposed to learning, but has gained a new appreciation for both the efforts and rewards that come with teaching ESL students.

Advice for new teachers: Don’t be afraid to experiment in the classroom, your students will appreciate changes and fresh challenges.

Carolyn Yin: carolyn.yin@ef.com

A girl that smiles-a-lot, that’s the impression you get when you hear about Carolyn. She studied abroad for her master degree in the U.K. and she also volunteered to teach junior school students Chinese for nearly one year. This experience allowed her to see the world from a different perspective. She enjoys travelling and making friends which broadens her views. Before coming to EF, Carolyn was a counselor at a college and helped her students get involved in college life.  But later on, Carolyn decided that was not for her. That's when she joined EF in June 2017 and has continued working as a kids and teens teacher at SH08.

Advice for new teachers: Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece.

Shane Swart: shane.swart@ef.com

Shane was born in a small coastal town called Arniston, but spent most of his formative years in Cape Town, South Africa. He was educated at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) and holds a BA (Honours) Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies. Soon after graduating he joined the World Design Capital (2014) team to help organize and run a series of community participatory workshops. From 2016, until he took up the position with EF Kids & Teens, he worked as a content assistant at an inbound Tour Agency. His interest for exploring cities and passion for teaching led him to EF.  Shane is a people’s person and enjoys the hustle and bustle of Shanghai’s big city life.

Advice for teachers: Empathize with your students; We were all once in their shoes.

Joseph Stearman: joseph.stearman@ef.com

Joseph is a recent graduate from Longwood University, a small school in Virginia that you’ve probably never heard of. After graduation, he decided to take advantage of his youthful freedom so he accepted a position with EF Kids and Teens in Shanghai. While not teaching at his center (SH01), Joe enjoys exploring the various temples, cafes, museums, bars, and events taking place across Shanghai.

Advice for new teachers: Explore the city as much as possible, there is always something new to see and experience. Also, try to learn Chinese!

Fuzhou Kids and Teens Teachers

Christine Cypher: christine.cypher@ef.com

Christine grew up in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. She earned her bachelor degree in Political Science with minors in National Security and Commutations from Grove City College. Christine’s love for learning about different places and cultures has taken her to many countries including to London, UK for a semester to study abroad. Furthermore, Christine always had a passion for teaching. Before joining EF she was a gymnastics coach for four years and a camp counselor for two more years. After graduating from college Christine quickly sought to join EF, knowing that it would be a perfect fit for her, combining her love for children and her love for learning about different places and cultures. In October 2017, with help from EF, she moved to Fuzhou, China. Since arriving in China she has fallen in love with the culture and community. She is very thankful for the rewarding opportunity to be helping students learn English every day.  

Advice to teachers: Always try your best in everything you do. That is all anyone can ever ask.

Christopher Rose: christopher.rose@ef.com

Chris was born and raised in the United States and coming to China with EF was only the second time he ever left his home country. His decision to come to China was made, after completing his degree in philosophy, as a way to explore another culture, based in an entirely different philosophic history than what he had been raised in and to have firsthand experience of it. Since coming to China in July 2017 he has traveled around a sizable portion of Southeast China climbing to the peak of fifteen different mountains and eating the different foods distinct to each region he visits. However, even with all of the cities he’s traveled to, the comparatively small city of Fuzhou is still one of his favorites with green mountains, rivers, and clean air. 

Advice to New Teachers: Remember to keep an open mind and be willing to go with the flow, as not everything going on always makes sense at first. And when the language barrier starts to make you frustrated learn to laugh, the change in view can turn a bad day into a pleasant one.

Adult Center Teachers

Iris Bi: iris.bi@ef.com 

Her birthplace Weihai- a typical northern city in China- bestowed upon Iris a unique and warm character. Having lived in a tight-knit and friendly neighborhood throughout her teenage years, she managed to contribute to the community by starting a “kids cleaning squad” for the complex, whose responsibilities included visiting elderly residents who lived alone, and making makeshift homes for stray animals. Given these experiences, it may not have been a surprise to her parents that she would decide to embark on the career path of language teaching, a perfect combination of helping others whilst developing oneself. With a strong belief in immersion learning, and with a deep curiosity for exploration, Iris went to Durham in the UK (the so-called “real-life Hogwarts”) to pursue her Masters degree in TESOL (not Sorcery), and  started the wonderful adventure with EF upon her return. She has been with EF for one year, and she continues to enjoy endless opportunities for growth.

Advice for teachers: Go out, get to know new people, and never stop exploring! It will help you to adjust to the new life, understand the culture, and grow immeasurably.

More Adult teachers:

Zac Liu: zac.liu@ef.com

Kids Online Teachers

Caroline Walters: caroline.walters@ef.com 

Caroline was born in South African, but spent most of her growing up years in Namibia. Keenly interested in teaching, she gave music lessons for a few years in Namibia and South Africa. After completing her Bachelor of music degree at Stellenbosch University (South Africa), Caroline decided to try something different and experience life in a different country. She joined EF in November 2017 and is currently teaching at Kids and Teens Online in Shanghai. In the short period that she has been at EF, Caroline has grown to love Shanghai, a vibrant city with so much to see and experience.

Advice for new teachers:  Try out as many new things as you can.

Justin Haworth: justin.haworth@ef.com

While he's been with EF, he has had a chance to be challenged and grow. You will be kept on your toes between the kids, language learning, exploring the city, and meeting new people. He joined EF to learn language, teaching skills, and to explore China. If you are considering applying to EF and moving to China, his only question is what is keeping you from adventure. This year he will be spending a few days in Beijing, a week in Xian, a couple days hiking Hua Shan, and have a few days of annual leave to travel. Sure it will have challenges, but it is worth what you will learn and experience.

Miranda Richey: miranda.richey@ef.com

Miranda is a Florida native, who attended the University of South Florida and is currently working on her MBA with Saint Leo University.  No stranger to travel, having toured throughout North America, England, France, Italy and Switzerland, she was ready to push her boundaries once again.  Through her journeys she has learned to appreciate new cultures, and found exponential growth comes from venturing outside your comfort zone. 

Fascinated by eastern aesthetics, Miranda wanted to pair her classical background, travel, and teaching into a unique adventure.  She joined EF in October 2017 after having taught for a year and half in her home country, at the new Kids and Teen Online Center.  By teaching on a new platform she has learned how to incorporate creative inventions into teaching methodologies online.  Her enthusiasm for starting with a new project has spilled over into exploring the city for interesting sites.  Notably, her favorite moment so far has been experiencing her first snow fall in Shanghai.

Advice for teachers: She advises new teachers to take time for yourself.  When immersing yourself in a foreign culture, the learning curve can be high.  It is important to take time to exhale, meditate, and do whatever makes you happy to not feel overwhelmed.

Shanghai Online Teachers

Titi Motsieloa: titi.motsieloa@ef.com

Titi is from a family of 8, her being the 8th child. Having grown up in a very shielded environment, she felt it best to spread her wings (well, many years later) and try something that she never thought she would try, even though the thought of travelling appealled to her, she never thought she would actually do it one day, let alone China. Before coming to EF, Titi was in the entertainment industry in South Africa. She did numerous voice over recordings for big brands in South Africa, an advert and worked on numerous productions as a Production Manager. Right before coming to China, she shot her very first feature film, which got nominated for a very prestigious award in her home country South Africa. She joined EF in June 2017 and joined the Online team (SHOTC)  

Advice for new teachers:  keep your head up, smile and keep it moving!

Bryan Beach: bryan.beach@ef.com

Bryan Beach is from Houston, Texas. He received his BA in Psychology from Baylor University where he focused on language acquisition. Mr. Beach subsequently studied international trade as a graduate student at The Monterey Institute in northern California where he focused on US-China bilateral relations. Then, he moved to Shanghai to teach English to adults online with EF in 2017. In his free time, Mr. Beach studies the erhu and is an avid tennis player. Additionally, he enjoys the mountains and has spent time hiking in Switzerland and Nepal. Mr. Beach speaks French and Spanish.

Mark Alexander: mark.alexander@ef.com

The opportunity to make a difference was a big reason Mark chose to teach with EF. Before coming to China, Mark was working in the hospitality industry in the US, but he wanted to do more. EF gave him the chance to apply skills learned at university. Mark’s advice for anyone considering EF, do it! It is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and advance your career. One of the best things about teaching abroad is interacting with students and their eagerness to learn. Mark was floored by their commitment to learning as well as their attitude towards their teacher. It is a wonderful experience. Mark’s favorite moment teaching in China, isn’t one moment but many moments, specifically anytime a student has that “a-ha” moment. That is what gives him the most satisfaction. For Mark, his favorite adventure has been trying all the different types of food. From street-food to Hot Pot, there are a plethora of food options available for anyone with a hunger to try new and exciting dishes.

Evan Piedrahita: evan.piedrahita@ef.com

Evan is from the northern part of Atlanta, Georgia and lived there for 18 years. He grew up playing golf and went on to play in college. Due to his Hispanic family heritage, Evan studied Spanish his entire life and became fluent after moving to Chile between semesters in university. After that, he decided to begin studying Mandarin and quickly decided he wanted to move to Shanghai to continue his studying the language. Evan graduated in 2017 with a degree in International Business, so he is regularly involved in networking events and meeting locals to learn more about the business culture. He moved to Shanghai and began working with EF in September of 2017 and has been to 10 cities in 3 countries in his first six months. 

Advice to new teachers: English First is much more than a job. It gives you an opportunity to develop yourself and really be whoever you want to be. It is the individual’s responsibility to take advantage of that and become who you want to become.


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