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Self Observation

Recording a video of your session is perhaps the best way to raise your own awareness of areas for improvement in your teaching.  You are able to view and review the effect your teaching is having on your students; gauge your levels of TTT; evaluate your grading of language and note the efficiency with which you elicit language and rate the effectiveness of your feedback.

As Scrivener states in Learning Teaching (2011:277): the only thing that is going to move you forward as a teacher is if you yourself become aware of what works and what doesn’t. 


What to do next?

Get in touch with your Regional Trainer who will make arrangements for themselves/a colleague to record your session.

Consider a focus you would like to observe yourself on and think of some self-evaluation questions before the session.  For example: Did I give students enough think time?  Did the ALL students understand the task required? How many times did I paraphrase?  Did I talk over my students’ responses?

Watch your own video and reflect on the answers to your questions and plan ONE follow up action for your professional development in the classroom. For example I will count to 7 after asking a question to give my students think time. I will remember to give an example when I give instructions.

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