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Ending Sounds

Activities in teaching young learners /d/ /t/ and /id/ ending sounds



Long and short monophthongs I

Techniques in supporting learners’ pronunciation of /i:/ versus /I/ online.



Long and short monopthongs II   

Techniques in supporting learners’ pronunciation of /i:/ versus /I/ face to face.



Nailing the ‘th’ sound

How to use technology to support learners in articulating voiced and unvoiced ‘th’



Practicing /n/ and /ŋ/ consonants


How to use an IWB to improve Malay learners accuracy in selecting these two sounds



Phonology Project Work

How phonology can be part of a student-led project. In this project learners' focus on intonation and prominence. 



Reduced Syllables  

Follow these steps to raise learners awareness of weak forms and get them using them



Teaching Connected Speech I

Using phonemic script to teach connected speech



Teaching Connected Speech II

How focus on connected speech can be integrated in every class



Teaching Diphthongs

Why Chinese learners find longer vowel sounds challenging and some strategies we can adopt to help them



Teaching Intonation to Beginners

How to use kinaesthetic drilling to raise learners’ awareness of intonation



Teaching sounds [θ] and [ð]


How tongue twisters can be used in getting adult learners to practice this sound.



Using Song with Small Stars

Songs are an effective strategy to engage and support very young learners’ pronunciation



Word Prominence

How to raise learners’ awareness of sentence stress and how placement of stress can alter meaning


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