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Typical Schedule at EF Kids & Teens

EF teachers normally have either Monday and Tuesday, or Tuesday and Wednesday off. The schedule at the beginning of the week can vary from school to school but typically will involve lesson planning, CPD (Continuous Professional Development), and VIP (one-to-one private) classes.

All EF Kids & Teens teachers work Thursday through Sunday. A typical week could look as follows:


12pm        Head into EF to start preparing for my classes

 1-3pm       Teaching Training Workshop. Today, we work on interaction patterns       

3-5pm       Prepare for today and weekend classes        

5-6pm       Dinner

6-8pm       High Flyer Starter class (7 year olds)


1pm                  VIP class (one-to-one) class with a student who is preparing to study overseas
2 - 3pm              Preparing for parent-teacher meetings

3 - 4pm              Life Club: This month’s theme is amazing animals

4:30 - 5:30pm     Small Stars class
5:30 - 6:00pm     Dinner
6 - 8pm              High Flyers 4A  (Age 10)
8:30 - 9:00am       Just make sure: all my teaching materials are in order
9 - 10am              Small Stars Blue    (Age 3.)  Today we are working on colors
10:15 -1 1:15am    Small Stars Orange (Age 5)  Today we are learning how to ask for things
11:15 - 1pm          Break and Lunch.Complete teacher pages where I comment on today’s classes
1 - 3:15pm            Trailblazers 3A (Age 13) My favorite class of the day. Topic: Pen Pals

3:15 - 4pm            Break and catch up on admin
4 - 6:15pm            High Flyers (Age 7-10.)  Today we are studying how to tell directions
6:30pm                 Finished!I Go to dinner with colleagues and friends. One day down, one to go!  
8:30 - 9:00am          Get ready for the day
9 - 10am                 Small Stars Blue    (Age 3.)  Today we are working with the EF characters
10:15 - 11:15 am     Small Stars Orange (Age 5)  Today we are learning how to sing "Happy Birthday"

11:30-12:00pm         I was chosen to conduct a demonstration lesson for new students and their parents
12 - 1pm                  Do my teacher pages while I grab some lunch
1 - 3:15pm               High Flyers class. Today we are learning about how to shop at the supermarket
3:15 - 4pm               Break and catch up on admin
4 - 6:15pm               Trailblazers class. Today we are talking about traveling to other countries
6:15pm                    Get ready to go out with friends and hit the town!


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