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The most distinctive of these very good teachers is that their practice is the result of careful reflection. They learn lessons each time they teach, evaluating what they do…to adjust what they do next time.



What to do next?

Think of a critical incident from one of your recent lessons, a moment which stands out to you

Write about your feelings regarding the incident – did your perspective change? Why? How?

Write about this in the Journaling section of the Development Diary, write blog posts or make audio recording of yourself.

After a few entries, look back find any themes that emerge in your teaching or skills you are particularly good at, or areas that you feel you need to develop.


Useful links

Reflecting on Successful Lessons through Journaling

Professional Development, Artistry and Style - article by Ralph G. Brockett

The Reflective Teacher - article about the role of reflection in teacher education

Personal Learning Contract Template- watch THIS video and learn how to create your own personal learning contract for your professional development as a teacher.

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