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Stephen Hogan (Senior Production Manager)

Stephen graduated from London Guildhall University with a BSc in Psychology. After various career moves including work in policing and psychiatry he found his true vocation as an English teacher when he joined EF in 2003. Stephen has worked with EF in 4 different cities in China: Urumqi, Qingdao, Guilin and Guangzhou. During this time he has taught children, adults, business English and has also taught as an EF teacher in state schools. In 2011 he was awarded a certificate of teaching excellency by the Guangzhou Bureau of Education. Stephen is currently Senior Production Manager for EF Kids and Teens in Guangzhou and Foshan.


Ashley Harrocks (Production Manager)

Ashley started his career in teaching almost ten years ago, when he joined EF Kids and Teens as a teacher.  Over the years he has been a Senior Teacher, Director of Studies, Senior Director of Studies and is currently a Regional Production Manager.  During his career he has taught thousands of students, as well as trained and developed new and experienced teachers, mentors, Senior Teachers and Directors of Studies. He has studied the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) and Diploma in TESOL.


Rui Cao (Academic Trainer)

Born in a family of four teachers, Rui grew up with a strong interest in English learning and teaching. In 2006 she was the champion of the "CCTV Star of Outlook” English Speech Competition Hunan finals and later advanced her education in America majoring in English and MA TESOL with a full scholarship.

Rui has many years of teaching experience and her students range from kids, teens to adult ESL learners in America and China. She started her teaching career at University of Central Florida in 2008 as a head teacher and later at English First as the first Local Director of Studies in the Southern Region, working at one of the biggest school in China- Guangzhou1. During her three years at EF as a DoS, she has helped advanced senior teachers and doses in their EF career path.

Rui has played an active role in the ESL field. She has been a speaker representative at three TESOL conferences in America and she has published works in domestic core journals and ESL newspapers. Rui’s enthusiasm and experience in ESL and education makes her a passionate teacher and teacher trainer.


Margaret Peralta  (Academic Trainer)

Margaret started her teaching career 9 years ago. She spent a year teaching high school students in the Philippines and came to China in 2007 to work for EF. Margaret has a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education (English) and has taken the Trinity Diploma Tesol course.


Special interest:  materials development; communicative classroom; pair work and group work; sweets and chocolate.


Felicity Pyatt (trainer)

After completing her CELTA in Brighton, England, Felicity came to China to work in EF Kids & Teens. She moved to EFEC in 2013 and became a Senior Teacher last year. She's recently finished her DipTESOL and has been working as the Project Manager for the Guangzhou teachers' Autumn Forum.

Special interests: technology in the classroom, training in phonology, beards


Christine Li (visa supervisor)

I am a local person in GZ. GZ is a modern amazing city. 
Also it is a paradise of cuisine. You can try various dishes from different cities in here. I like my job in EF as I can recognize people from different countries and learn different culture. And can know many interesting things and experiences from my lovely foreign colleagues.   

  • The years: About 7 years in EF
  • If I had a million dollars: Set up a foundation to achieve more dreams.
  • What keeps you here:  Meet people from different countries and work with them.  Good working environment and nice colleagues. 
  • Advice for new teachers: It is a good opportunity for you to experience this beautiful city of GZ. Enjoy delicious food in here


Jim Song (visa officer)

I come from Guangzhou where is famous for its delicate cuisine and it’s the key important foreign trade city of China. I like riding, playing badminton and watching BBC documentary. Hope you will find comfort in living here. 

  • The years    2 years  in EF
  • If I had a million dollars, I would travel around the world to meet new people.
  • What keeps you here  -  People, my talented colleagues come from different part of the world, which enrich my daily working experience. 
  • Advice for new teachers. Don’t be shy to ask question about living in Guangzhou. Summer can be a little annoyed but winter is very comfortable.  Dim Sum is a must-try food. 



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