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Andrew W. Jenkins:

If there's one thing Andrew's life has been, it's varied. He grew up in Philadelphia, PA, USA, but it was after he began attending Howard University in Washington, DC that things began to get really interesting. He studied French Language and Literature and Classical Vocal Performance, traveling around the United States and abroad to perform. During that time, he also spent a year as a flight attendant. Following graduation, he worked as a camp counselor, in finance, and as a high school English and French teacher. Now he's taking on new challenges, including learning Mandarin, while teaching adults at EF's Gongyuanqian (GYQ) center in Guangzhou where he's been since January 2018. Ask him some questions; he's excited to answer them!

Advice for new teachers: Try as many new things as you can. Remember, you're moving to a new country – don't get stuck doing the same things you would at home!

Kids and Teens Teachers


Mallory Brown: mallory.brown@ef.com 

Mallory is a girl with a thirst for knowledge and a dream to travel, but she never got away from the East Coast. She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in her late teens. From Georgia she made a huge leap and traveled further than she had ever been and moved to China to begin teaching. She loves to learn new things and moving to China gave her the opportunity to meet new and interesting people who teach her something new every day. She began her career with EF in October of 2017 and works with Kids and Teens at GZ4 in Ximenkou.

When she’s not working she can be found reading, exploring the city, or working towards completing her CertTESOL.


Advice for new teachers: Embrace the differences you find here. You came for a change, don’t be scared of it.

Shannon Garrison: shannon.garrison@ef.com

Shannon has always had the travel bug. She has traveled to many different parts of the world as an art student which gave her the opportunity to embrace different cultures. She enjoys meeting new people, experiencing the ways of life in different cities and countries and seeking new ventures. This curiosity lead her to experiencing life in China since June 2018. Shannon firmly believes that education is the most important tool anyone can have as it has the ability to take you anywhere, therefore she considers that teaching is gratifying as it gives others the tool which comes with endless possibilities. She has been teaching at EF Kids and Teens in Guangzhou for 10 months and is still going strong.

Advice for new teachers: Share your smile with the world - it's a symbol of friendship and peace, and never underestimate your abilities.

Andrew Bateman: andrew.bateman@ef.com

Andy grew up in Yorkshire, England and worked for a while before moving to London to study at SOAS where he could pursue his academic interest in Asian religions. After living and working in central London for nine years, Andy took a few years out as an independent traveller and explored some unusual places off the beaten track. Back in the U.K., Andy did a lot of volunteer work with children and young people which convinced him that teaching was the job for him! Andy wasn’t finished travelling yet though, so after completing a CELTA course, Andy joined E.F. and headed back to Asia. When not enjoying teaching the amazing kids and teens in the great city of Guangzhou, Andy continues to travel further afield to discover more of the incredible things China has to offer.

Advice for new teachers: Don’t be afraid to try new things or doing things differently. Whether it’s developing your teaching techniques or simply using smartphone apps for everything from everyday payments to using shared bikes, just have fun with it all!

Akua Afiyie: akua.afriyie@ef.com.onmicrosoft.com

Ghanaian native, Akua, has lived in 3 countries and has traveled to over 25 countries yet she never made it to the Asian part of the world, until now! In the midst of life’s great adventure, Akua has collected countless memories, encounters, and self-development in every interaction and experience. She truly believes that in conquering a bit of fear and failure, life means so much more. Not only that, it would allow people to find similarities within each other and unify nations. Before coming to EF, Akua had experience in the teaching, marketing, and health care fields. She joined EF in March 2018 and after an amazing first week in Guangzhou, bonding with other newbies, she joined her teaching team at GZ5.

Advice for new teachers: Don’t give up before you even start!


Candy Luo: candy.luogz@ef.com

Growing up as a happy and quiet Chinese girl, Candy loves reading. She views it as another way of travel. Through reading, she learned a world that was bigger than the one she knew before. Meanwhile, she realized the difference between China and others countries, including languages, cultures, people, etc. The more she learned, the more she wanted to learn. Driven by a spirit of exploration, she decided to study the difference in depth by learning translation in university. While working as a teaching assistant in EF from 2015 to 2017, she was deeply attracted by EF, especially the diversity and the teaching style. After some experiences, she joined EF in August, 2018 and began her wonderful journey as a teacher.


Advice for new teachers: Don’t be afraid of new things! Just go and try! You will find something different and fresh!

Thomas Halouva: thomas.halouva@ef.com

Thomas is a Kids and Teens Teacher currently living in Guangzhou, China but is originally from Nottingham, England. With family from Ireland, Belgium and Cyprus, the latter of which is where is last name is from, Thomas has always been interested in seeing as much of the world as possible. Currently diving head first into all aspects of Asian culture, when not traveling and taking photos he is found reading any books he can find, learning Chinese or relaxing at the Archery range with a bow and some arrows.

Advice for new teachers: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Matthew Baugh: matt.baugh@ef.com

Having worked in education in England for three years, Matthew was finding the work a little repetitive and wanted a change from the usual 9-5. Once realizing he wanted a change, he realized that he wanted to do a bit of travelling and China was the main destination he was interested in. After a little research Matthew found that EF would be the best company for him to work for. As it would allow him to teach and to do travelling when he wanted. One of Matthew’s favourite moments with EF so far was watching one of his 3 year old students perform at his schools roadshow. In which the student showcased their English to a room full of people, whilst on stage. Matthew’s favourite adventure in China so far was his trip to Beijing. He was able to spend three days in Beijing learning more about Chinese history and taste different styles of food. However, his favourite part was being able to watch the sunset on the great wall, a memory he will never forget. One of the major things that Matthew has learned is that you will have bad days but a lot more good days, so when you have a bad day remember tomorrow is a new day.

Advice for new teachers: Remember to just have fun, who knows how long you will be in China for and either way it will be an experience to remember.

Alan Jack Lyon: alan.lyon@ef.com

AJ has had a fantastic and varied time in China so far. He grew disillusioned with his office job back home and wanted to try new things which led him to his new exciting career with EF. He enjoys travelling and trying new things and his time here has allowed him to do both. He has really grown to love teaching and being with his students in the classroom is very rewarding. If he is not teaching, you can often find him exploring new parts of the city or trying to find new restaurants to share with his friends.


Advice for new teachers: Try not to worry about anything - a situation is never as bad as it seems at first. Take a deep breath and meet your challenges head on.

Anna Hough:  anna.hough@EF.com

Anna is an adventure-loving Brit who is passionate about languages, travel and teaching.  She can speak 3 languages and enjoys picking up the local lingo in her trips abroad.  She realized her love for teaching English after working in schools in France and India, and decided to pursue it full time.  She completed a Cambridge CELTA in July 2017, before moving to China to start her career.  When she’s not in the classroom or exploring a new corner of the world, you’ll find her wandering around the city, on a quest for coffee and food – her two other favourite things. 

Advice for new teachers:  You will learn new things wherever you go, and you can learn as much from a group of children as you can from your colleagues.  Always be open to try new things, listen and observe, and of course, be silly and have fun! 


Hannah Murray: hannah.murray@ef.com


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