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Andrew W. Jenkins:

If there's one thing Andrew's life has been, it's varied. He grew up in Philadelphia, PA, USA, but it was after he began attending Howard University in Washington, DC that things began to get really interesting. He studied French Language and Literature and Classical Vocal Performance, traveling around the United States and abroad to perform. During that time, he also spent a year as a flight attendant. Following graduation, he worked as a camp counselor, in finance, and as a high school English and French teacher. Now he's taking on new challenges, including learning Mandarin, while teaching adults at EF's Gongyuanqian (GYQ) center in Guangzhou where he's been since January 2018. Ask him some questions; he's excited to answer them!

Advice for new teachers: Try as many new things as you can. Remember, you're moving to a new country – don't get stuck doing the same things you would at home!

Kids and Teens Teachers

Michelle Nhin: Michelle.nhin@ef.com

Being born to Chinese-Vietnamese refugees, Michelle Nhin knew the importance of communication while growing up Oklahoma, USA. She always wanted to know more about her culture and experience how her parents lived. Michelle didn’t have any teaching experience nor spoke Mandarin, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her next adventure. So, she ditched corporate life and became an English teacher with Education First at GZ9 in Guangzhou, China.

While here in Guangzhou, Michelle has improved her Cantonese and gained a lot of insight on how students learn English at EF. From solo traveling to Xichong Beach in Shenzhen to visiting Chaozhou with old friends during Chinese New Year, Michelle has been able to embrace her culture while exploring and teaching English.

Advice for new teachers: Speaking isn’t the only form of communication so don’t let that stop you from experiencing other cultures. Embrace the unknown.

Maabele Tshepo Makgoba: maabele.makgoba@ef.com

Tshepo is from the city of Johannesburg in South Africa and he has never travelled outside of his home country before moving to China. He has a burning desire to discover the world – experiencing new cultures, learning new languages and meeting people from around the world. Tshepo loves dancing! His feet cannot stand still at the sound of music and he loves teaching others how to dance. He embraces new challenges head-on and has acclimated to China really quickly and easily due to his optimistic nature. Tshepo’s career at EF started in March 2018 as a Teacher at a Kids & Teens school in Guangzhou. His career has already developed in the short amount of time that he has been at EF. Tshepo is a mentor and academic trainer to new teachers at his school and he is also a Life Club Specialist trainee.

Advice for new teachers:  Embrace new challenges, allow them to develop you into a stronger, wiser human being.

Tara O’ Mahony: tara.omahony@EF.com

Tara grew up in a small village in Southern Ireland. With a deep love with her hometown, Tara had the spark to travel and experience the world at a very early age. As that spark grew, her desire to help, learn and encourage others has led her to Guangzhou, China.

Everything that made her hesitant such as the food, culture and the language barrier was all quickly diminished within a week of her arrival. She has been here for over a year with so many great experiences already. Whether they be teaching her students, her adventures backpacking in Vietnam, island hopping throughout the Philippines, hiking mountains in China, or just the excitements of daily life in general – such as volunteering, hanging out with her friends, celebrating events, and pretty much making it feel like home.

She has enjoyed every minute of this experience and is looking forward to what the next year holds in both her career within EF, and her personal development. EF has been the main reason for her positive experience in China due to the support, fun and creativity which it allows. Her plans for the next year consist of progressing professionally and personally through EF, traveling, volunteering more, learning Chinese, and motivating others to shake their comfort zones. Hopefully others can hear of Tara’s story, and decide for themselves to make the leap to teach abroad.

Advice for new teachers: Regardless of how daunting the tasks may seem, how overwhelming culture shock may be, or even how nervous or scared you are – it’s only challenging because it’s pushing your comfort zones for the better. This makes it easier to relate with new students and coworkers from all walks of life. That can be a great asset to propelling you from a good teacher, into a great educator.

Anna Hough:  anna.hough@EF.com

Anna is an adventure-loving Brit who is passionate about languages, travel and teaching.  She can speak 3 languages and enjoys picking up the local lingo in her trips abroad.  She realized her love for teaching English after working in schools in France and India, and decided to pursue it full time.  She completed a Cambridge CELTA in July 2017, before moving to China to start her career.  When she’s not in the classroom or exploring a new corner of the world, you’ll find her wandering around the city, on a quest for coffee and food – her two other favourite things. 

Advice for new teachers:  You will learn new things wherever you go, and you can learn as much from a group of children as you can from your colleagues.  Always be open to try new things, listen and observe, and of course, be silly and have fun! 

Jacqueline Mchunu: jacqueline.mchunu@EF.com

Jacqueline, often referred to by almost everyone as Jax, is from the cozy and vibrant city of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Prior to teaching English to Kids and Teens in Guangzhou, she taught isiZulu to adults online and was also a substitute teacher in her local primary school. Jax decided to come to China because of her passion for teaching languages, her love for children and her keen interests in learning about different cultures and people. Since becoming an EF teacher at GZ8, she has completed a number of her TKTs and is currently the Assistant Life Club Co-ordinator at her centre. In her leisure time, she attends TRT events (which afford teachers the opportunity to sight see more of their city at little to no cost), explores Guangzhou with friends; she also enjoys the local food and reading, as well as finding another country to visit!

Advice for new teachers: Take each and every moment as an opportunity to learn and grow from; don’t stress, ask questions, work diligently and have fun!

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