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Michael Church
: Michael.church@ef.com

Michael came to China because he planned to improve his language skills in speaking Chinese, while helping the students improve their own language skills in learning English. Since being here he has learned so much more about the culture, which helps him understand the language even better. In addition, he has traveled to 12 different cities in China. He made it a point to visit neighboring cities during the weekends and would travel to more distant places during the holidays. There are so many convenient ways to travel through China. Take the opportunity to see most of China or visit nearby countries for cheap.

Teaching abroad can be challenging for English teachers because students aren’t immersed in the language, so we need to create a strong English environment that will help them to improve their language skills. The job is also so rewarding because you learn so much about yourself and your understanding of the English language.

Advice for new teachers: Be open-minded. Be willing to try new foods. Be open to different customs and take the chance to make friends with the locals. It will definitely make your experience more enjoyable.

Rebecca Gaskin: rebecca.gaskin@ef.com

Rebecca is always daydreaming about travel and eager to learn about new cultures; she loves watching foreign movies, learning languages, or searching endlessly through maps and travel books. During college, she was lucky enough to study abroad in England and then Italy, and it opened her eyes and her heart to new challenges and adventures. She moved to the north of China after graduation, teaching for two years at a university in Taiyuan. In 2017, she joined EF and moved to Guangzhou, where she continues to search for new trails to explore and tastes to enjoy.

Advice for new teachers:  Go with the flow, don’t be afraid to get lost and talk with strangers, there are interesting stories everywhere.

Kids and Teens Teachers

Rebecca Batterbury: rebecca.batterbury@ef.com 

Rebecca grew up in Nottingham, England – most famous for local legend Robin Hood! She attended Norwich University of Art and has had the opportunity to travel a bit of the globe: she’s stood at the famous Rorke’s Drift in South Africa, herded cattle in British Columbia, and trekked the Annapurna Trail in the Himalayas.

China had never been on her ‘to visit’ list, until she found TEFL and EF. Teaching whilst living in another country was a truly exciting opportunity not to be passed over.

Teaching in Foshan has been a rewarding experience, whilst having little to no knowledge of the culture or language the team at EF and the students have made it easy to fall in love with it all: from navigating the metro to teaching ten five year olds how to play musical chairs. Everyday has been a new learning experience, and completely worthwhile.

Advice for new teachers: maintain a sense of humour; things that might frustrate you aren’t so irritating if you can laugh it off.

Cecile Lin: cecile.lin@ef.com

Cecile Lin is a native of Guangzhou who graduated from Guangdong University of Technology. Cecile was born in a loving family, which makes her to became a helpful and outgoing person. She dreamt of becoming a teacher the first time she watched her favourite movie - Les Choristers, about a passionate and idealistic teacher who selflessly works to enrich the lives of children. Today Cecile finds joy in teaching and interacting with students from toddlers learning the alphabet to teenagers studying English composition.

 Advice to new teachers: To find joy and satisfaction in realizing that you will help shape some great young souls.

Bisma Khan: bisma.khan@ef.com

Bisma is a twenty-something Londoner, who loves to travel. After completing her master’s degree in the eighteenth century, she decided to jump back to the twenty first century and bring her academic interests to life. She is interested in various cultural exchanges and transcending barriers. Amidst all this, you'll actually find Bisma, and her adventures, on Instagram. Bisma moved to Guangzhou in the summer of 2017 and she hasn't looked back since.

Advice for teachers: We aren’t just imparting knowledge and wisdom, it’s a two way street and there is so much yet to learn. Keep an open mind and always be curious.


Krystina Heidelberg: krystina.heidelberg@ef.com

Krystina was raised in Houston, Texas. Throughout life Krystina has always wanted to live abroad and experience Eastern culture first hand.  However, it was while studying anthropology and criminology in college at Northern Arizona University where she realized her deep passion for learning about new cultures and traveling. These are just some of the reasons why Krystina chose to work for EF. She found that with EF she would be able to combine her passion for learning about new cultures, helping others and traveling with a well-known international company. Krystina loves a great adventure, and connecting with people. EF offered the perfect concoction to achieve new heights both personally and professionally.

Advice for new teachers: Keep an open line of communication with staff and international and local teachers. Doing this will make transitioning easier and often times will give you some peace at mind.

Austin Orton: austin.orton@ef.com

Austin is a professional from the North of England, with a huge appetite for discovery. You will often find him playing sports with the locals despite the obvious language barrier or getting to grips with new traditions that present themselves when travelling. Graduating from Newcastle, England Austin found himself with a nagging eagerness to travel and see the world. The chance presented itself to Austin in the summer of 2017 and Austin has grabbed the opportunity with both hands as he looks to progress in the company.

Advice for new teachers: Enjoy the opportunity and see it for what it is, a fantastic chance to build contacts and access knowledge from around the globe.

Shaellah Robinson: shaellah.robinson@ef.com

Shaellah is a native from New York. She completed her undergraduate degree in both Accounting and Business Administration at SUNY Oswego. Shaellah came to China to expand her language skills as well as learn about Chinese culture. Shaellah has a burning desire to see the world and EF not only provided her with an amazing platform to meet other internationals, but also gave her the opportunity to share her knowledge about language, learning and education. She loves education and believes teaching the next generation is important.

Shaellah has a huge interest in both international education and business practices. She enjoys getting involved in international idea exchange groups and playing sports with the locals. Shaellah is currently studying Mandarin outside of work which has given her a deeper understanding of teaching Chinese learners.

Advice for new teachers: It is essential to branch out of what you are used to. Be sure to try new things, meet new people and keep an open- mind.  China is full of extraordinary individuals from all over the globe.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you could use to change the world.” – Nelson 

Brandon Rimbert: brandon.rimbert@ef.com

Brandon grew up and attended University in Atlanta, Georgia. After traveling extensively in the United States and Europe Brandon decided to seek a new adventure is Asia. These experiences gave him a global and cultural perspective on life and travel. In September 2017 he joined the EF Kids & Teens team in Guangzhou, China. This new career has allowed him to interact and be a part of the Chinese culture on a whole new level while forming lasting bonds with students and staff members.

Advice for new teachers:  Pack your patience. Tt’s not wrong it’s just different.

Nia Fitzhugh: nia.fitzhugh@ef.com

Nia enjoys educating the youth and exploring new cultures. Nia taught in the states and was captivated by the Chinese culture through a dual immersion program for students. She then decided to search for exciting teaching careers in China. Since moving to Guangzhou, Nia has taken the role of not only teacher, but student. Nia learns intriguing information about the Chinese culture from her students and locals daily. She has become a "citizen of the world" and has been grateful for the opportunity to meet people from across the globe.

Advice for new teachers: Find a reason to laugh each day. Sometimes things don't go as planned in the classroom, but have fun and laugh when you can!


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