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Recruiter Job Shadow Day 

What is a Job Shadow?

Work site experience during which an employee observe first-hand a typical day on the job by accompanying professionals. The shadow day will provide participants with an overview of the industry and realistic view of the everyday aspects of the workplace, helping them understand what skills and attributes are necessary to work in the field. The participant will complete a pre-task prior to the day and after the shadow to understand and reflect on the day.

Program Overview

The Job Shadow Program provides current EF employees with insight into careers by matching them with host departments for a set career exploration

Testimonials from previous participants

Caitlin Lees, Shanghai Kids and Teens

"The Recruiter Job Shadow Program was a fantastic opportunity for me to get some real insight into the world of recruiting with EF. I was able to meet the team, ask any questions I had, and gain some practical hands on experience. I would absolutely recommend it! " 

Yuri Felipe, Shenzhen Kids and Teens 

"I began the day with a tour of the EF headquarters followed by firsthand experience from a Teacher Recruiter. The whole process was smooth and all my questions were answered in detail. The experience was engaging and enjoyable and I gained deep insights into the position."

LeAnna Porter

"Joining in the Job Shadow Program was an excellent opportunity. I participated in several aspects of the Recruiter role and my questions were answered throughout the day. I came away with an understanding of the work done in the department and a real enthusiasm for the position."

Juraj Damjanic, Shanghai Englishtown

"The job shadowing program turned out to be very useful and exposed me to the daily duties of an international teacher recruiter, this program gave me a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the position and helped me form my decision on transferring. "

Keenan Sass, Shanghai Kids and Teens

"The Job Shadow program proved to be an amazing opportunity for me as I was able to gain some valuable insight not only into the processes of recruiting new teachers, but also whether or not this would be the correct career move for me within this company."

Charles Maez, Shanghai Online Center

“The recruiter job shadow was an excellent way to help me experience, firsthand, the daily life of a recruiter. I met the team, learned about the importance of the recruiting team and had my questions answered regarding the day to day activities of a recruiter. I was also able to get some hands on experience. If anyone is interested in joining the recruiting team, I highly recommend job shadowing the team.”

Jennifer Beevers, Shanghai Kids and Teens

"The Job Shadow Program was extremely useful, well organized and informative. It provided hands on experience of being a recruiter and the opportunity to meet the team. I would recommend the program to anyone who’s interested in exploring other career paths within EF!"

Keith Downing, Shanghai Kids Online

"The Job Shadow Program was the perfect opportunity to learn more about a recruiter position with EF as I developed my career path. The program provided me with a clear view of the recruiting role, daily workflow and overall expectations of the position. I would highly recommend this program!"

Tswelepele Mosekwa, Shanghai Kids and Teens

"The job shadowing program is an eye opening experience. It exposes candidates to what our recruitment team deals with and what sorts of characteristics are needed
to successfully complete all procedures. It is a constructive way to prepare any applicants for the job. Because of this program I am better able to understand and furthermore respect the role of recruiters in EF."


If you would like to participate in the Recruiter Shadow program, please contact Catherine Hsieh at catherine.hsieh@ef.com and attach your most updated CV/resume to set up a formal shadow day.

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