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What sets EF apart from other English language schools is our dedication to developing quality English language teaching resources and educational curriculum. For younger learners, our global product development team designs, writes and publishes its own custom series of textbooks with accompanying animation.




At EF Kids & Teens, we divide our learners into the following groups:

  • Small Stars: (students aged 3 to 6) This course pays special attention to the general development of this age range. There are 4 "levels" where children are placed according to age and development milestones. The aim is help build the child's confidence and through English develop their social skills and cognitive development. These children learn with Roddy and his four animal friends. Each lesson is designed to last 1.5 academic hours.
  • High Flyers:  (students aged 7 to 10 ) The High Flyers classes motivate students through fun and enjoyable lessons.  The aim to development their emergent study skills through the multi-sensory Eclectic Approach.These classes are co-taught with local and international teachers. Co-teaching is an effective tool providing beginner young learners with the support they need to establish basic communicative competency in a second language. Students usually come once a week for 3-4 academic hours.  
  • Trailblazers: (students aged 10 to 14)  The aim of Trailblazers is to develop fluency, confidence and accuracy in English.  Deductive learning is used in the classroom by providing students contextual examples. Trailblazer students are given both written and oral tests at the start of the course in order to assess ability levels. In classes taught by international teachers, students are exposed to other cultures similarities and differences.



Learn a little bit about Life Clubs for our young learners.


What is a typical teaching day like?

K&T Academic Career Plan - Overview

K&T Academic Career Plan - Communication Touchpoints


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