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Abby Wang

Abby comes from Xi’an which is famous for the Terra-Cotta Warriors. She was a Mandarin teacher in EF for 3.5 years and then transferred to be a PA for 1.5 years, and now she is a specialist working on organizing and collecting TKT & TEFL certifications. Abby is very helpful and open-minded, she likes making friends and travelling around the world. Building relationships and organizing events are also her interests. She is a vivacious girl!

  • The years: 5 years with EF
  • If I had a million dollars: I’d like to travel the whole world and make a lot of friends, taking thousands of pictures and eating all kinds of food!
  • What keeps you here in EF: It’s very comfortable and joyful working with interesting colleagues in the office.
  • Advice for new teachers: China is an awesome place where you can try a lot of new things for fun. Be brave to join in the hustle and bustle of life.

 Naoko Maeda

Naoko is originally from Hiroshima, completed a high school year in Nebraska before becoming a certified High School Teacher. She then joined the largest language school in Japan, working in the recruiting and teacher support section for many years. Taking some time off on a working holiday in Australia really helped develop her colloquial English! Before coming to China and studying Mandarin at a Chinese university she was also working on the recruitment of teachers for Taiwan and Korea. Having lived in Hiroshima, Kobe, Osaka, the Gold Coast and now Shanghai and being a real food buff she can offer plenty of suggestions for places to eat all over the world. .

  • The years: 1.5 years at EF China.
  • If I had a million dollars: I will buy a house and travel around the world.
  • What keeps you here: Yummo from various countries. Especially I love Sichuan and Hunan dishes, very spicy!
  • Advice for new teachers: Enjoy your great adventures in China!



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