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Christina Robinson: christina.robinson@ef.com

Christina grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, in a big family. She studied Anthropology in university due to her love of travel and learning about different cultures. She has traveled to many countries and did her anthropology studies in Thailand. After her time in Thailand, Christina gained her TEFL certificate. She was a YMCA counselor for almost two years and worked with ESL children at her time with the YMCA. After university, Christina wanted a chance to travel and teach children and this is how she found EF. Christina has been with EF since February 2018 and is based in Beijing.

Advice for new teachers: Just go for it. Do what makes you happy, and learn from your adventures.

Alex Joseph: alex.joseph@ef.com

Alex came to China from Kent, a City in the south of England. He’s been interested in Chinese culture from a young age, and always desired to experience it first-hand. When he got the opportunity to teach at EF in Beijing, he jumped at the prospect of living in China. He joined EF in January of 2018. Alex fell in love with teaching the more he taught and believes it to be an extremely rewarding profession. He thinks that education plays an important part in breaking down the barriers between cultures. He aims to teach and learn as much as he can throughout his life, as he believes both are a never ending journey.

Advice for new teachers:
When you think about quitting, remember why you started.

Cecilly Francisco: cecilly.francisco@ef.com

Hailing from Washington D.C.,.Cecilly (or Cici, which she’s known as in China) joined EF as a teacher in February 2018. She has previously lived in Honduras, Uganda, and is now enjoying life in Beijing. She has found teaching to be a very fulfilling experience, especially in learning how to connect with students in a way that feels personal to each of them. Teaching is a new career track from her previous life as a Front Office Manager at Ritz-Carlton.

She loves living in Beijing and finds it to be a vibrant city full of activities, places to explore, and rich cultural history. Outside of working, she enjoys running (also a great way to discover Beijing!), travelling to other neighboring countries and places in China (like South Korea, Hong Kong, Shanghai, the Avatar Mountains), and visiting all the parks and landmarks in Beijing.

She considers her move to China to teach with EF one of her best, if not THE best, life choice to date.

More Teachers:

Shariska Dhunoo : shariska.dhunoo@EF.com 

Lorraine Nomaphelo: lorraine.sibeko@ef.com

Adult Center Teachers 

Eric Charles: Eric.charles@ef.com


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