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Sean Cheng: sean.cheng@ef.com

Growing up, Sean spent his childhood in Southern California spending lots of time on the beautiful beaches of the Golden State. He believes that every travel experience widens a person’s horizon. With that in mind, Sean decided to move to New York City to experience firsthand the Big Apple. After spending five years in New York, Sean decided that he would like to see what China would be like, and he’s here now, experiencing the megacity firsthand. Before he joined EF, Sean worked in the hotel industry for nearly 4 years, receiving guests of all backgrounds and nationalities. Sean joined EF in October 2017, and after an exhilarating first week in Beijing, he joined his teaching team at BJ8 center.

Advice for new teachers: There’s no need to be nervous, always have fun and laugh with your students.

Robert Keay: robert.keay@ef.com

Robbie grew in a small village just outside of Brighton, England. After finishing University, he started a job that he really did not enjoy and was not for him. Wanting to move abroad and having always been fascinated by Chinese culture, Robbie came across EF and decided to jump in head first. Moving from a small village with a population of 14 thousand to a city of 22 million was a daunting challenge at first, but he has grown so much as a person and as a professional in the year he has lived in Beijing and would advise anyone looking for a new and exciting challenge to go for it, Beijing will not disappoint. The city mixes the new with the old and traditional very well, giving you an abundance of new and exciting things to try. Robbie has been with EF since February 2017, and with no previous teaching experience, EF has given him the opportunity to learn and become a great teacher.


Advice for new teachers: Teaching is as much about learning as it is teaching, if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you won’t know how much you are missing.

Yolanda Qiu: yolanda.qiu@ef.com

Yolanda is from Ningbo, a coastal city in eastern China. She believes English communication is the bridge between West and East, as a teacher, she finds it very rewarding knowing she has equipped her students with the ability to cross that bridge and acquired an important tool. Yolanda has a strong interest in language teaching, and a deep curiosity for other cultures, which led her to attend a one-year exchange program in the State University of New York (USA) and then the University of Sheffield (UK) to pursue a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics with TESOL, and then started a wonderful ongoing adventure with EF upon her return. She has been with EF for almost one year, finding fulfilment in teaching and interacting with students from toddlers to teenagers, and she continues to enjoy the endless opportunities to learn, that teaching offers.

Advice for new teachers: Try out as many new things as you can.

More teachers:

George Murphy: george.murphy@ef.com

Adult Center Teachers 

Fiona Wang: fiona.wangbj@ef.com

Fiona is from Xi’An which is a historical city in China. She firmly believes that every experience can be an adventure, so she loves traveling, and making friends from different cultural backgrounds. She used to live in the U.S. and the U.K. for a short period and she used to work in Shen Zhen for 2 years. Now she is working for EFEC in Beijing. From her point of view, China is definitely a mixture of modern and traditional. You can see fancy buildings and a lot ancient sites in this country. She has been part of EF since 2014 as a part-time local teacher in Shen Zhen, then transferred to Beijing as a full-time local teacher. She is happy that EF allows her learn how to teach and how to develop her teaching skills.

Advice for new teachers: always be open-minded about the new page in your life.

Zachary Kelley: zachary.kelley@ef.com

Zach grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, so he was in for quite a change when he moved to Beijing. After university he decided to teach abroad in order to fulfill his love of teaching and to learn more about the culture and history of China! Zach joined EF in 2016 and was assigned to the ZGC center, where he has worked for two years. During that time, he has made great friends with both the center staff and the students.

Advice for new teachers: Get to know your students! Many of them have great stories to tell and you can learn a lot from them!

Tianjin Adult Center Teacher

Rachel Benson: rachel.benson@ef.com

Ever since she made friends with a girl from Japan, Rachel has been learning about new cultures and exploring every nook and cranny of the world. Whether it’s chatting with gondolieri in Italy, shopping in Tokyo, or swaying in hammocks in Panama’s jungles, she’s found adventure in all areas of life. After teaching ESL for three years in America to both children and adults, she’s found her way to the ancient land of China. She bought her ticket for October 2018 and, taking a deep breath,  took the long 14 hour flight to Beijing. Never had she lived in such a busy, thriving place. Now she lives in Tianjin, China, just a short 30 minute train-ride away, and has joined her new team at the NJR Center.

Advice for new teachers: Be offended at nothing, laugh at everything, and don’t worry. You’ll feel at home before you know it.


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