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Holly Baer, Kids & Teens Teacher

Despite growing up in small town Mississippi, Holly always knew she wanted to see the world. At age 15, she was fortunate enough to travel with EF to France for an incredible week. As she finished her university career, she knew she wanted to experience more than her home had to offer. She went to a summer school in Beijing and fell in love with the city. A high school classmate turned her onto EF, and she applied to teach in China. Four months later, she boarded a plane for Beijing with the same company that took her abroad for the first time in her teens.  She joined EF in December 2016 and joined the teaching team at BJ05.

  • Advice for new teachers: An open mind and a willingness to say yes will always lead to adventure.
  • Contact information: holly.baer@ef.com


Elizabeth Encherman, Kids & Teens Teacher

As an American born in China with a gift for languages and a family of world travelers, Eliza has always been fascinated with foreign countries and cultures. Growing up in the States she picked up a few languages and visited a few countries, but she somehow never made it back to the country of her birth and its language – until, that is, she finished college and flew to Beijing to teach for EF. Now in her second year with EF, she enjoys teaching, studying Chinese, and traveling the continent.

  • Advice for new teachers: Teaching, travel, and taekwondo have one thing in common: Flexibility is key.
  • Contact information:encherman@ef.com

Cherrelle Thomas, Kids & Teens Teacher

Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Cherrelle traveled the world with her military family and enjoyed the opportunities to live and experience new places. She loves to travel and meet new people. She always says, ‘You can be comfortable or courageous but you cannot be both.”  She will viist just about anywhere. Cherrelle had always dreamed of living abroad. No place is too far. She joined EF in January 2017. She loves teaching and has been awarded as the Most Positive teacher for BJ4.   

  • Advice for new teachers: “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.” -Frank Zappa
  • Contact information: Shante.Thomas@ef.com

Joanne Vazquez, Kids & Teens Teacher

Joanne was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico before moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pursue her college degree in International Business and Human Resources from Marquette University. After working for a couple of years she decided it was time for a new challenge and adventure. Joanne had the opportunity to visit China in 2014 and fell in love with Beijing and Shanghai. After her first trip to China she knew she wanted to come back and live in the country at some point in her career. She decided to take a risk and come to China as a first time teacher. She was looking to be challenged and that's exactly what she got! Everyday has been a new adventure and experience in China. From training to become a teacher to experiencing everything the country has to offer. She started her career with EF in January 2017 working for Kids & Teens in Beijing.

  • Advice for new teachers: Be open to new things! Get out of your comfort zone and try as much as you can during your time in China. That be trying new foods, exploring new places, or traveling on your own!
  • Contact information: joanne.vazquez@ef.com

Michael Conneely, Tianjin EF Education Center, AdultsTeacher

Michael loves two things, travel and history. He was less than a year old when he first took a plane journey to Ireland from Boston. After finishing history and law in college, Michael decided to swap the green fields of Ireland for the splendor of Jiangsu, where he worked for 2 years as a ESL teacher. He travelled extensively in that province and beyond, such as to the Venice of China, Suzhou. While there he also found that he had a ceaseless appetite for Lanzhou noodles. He fell in love with the land and decided to take his English teaching to the next level by joining EF. He picked Tianjin for its colonial past and architecture. While working there he found a city with a vibrant character and a distinct accent.  He greatest accomplishment at EF is expanding his students’ minds to the literature culture of his own land.

  • Advice for new teachers: Remember where you came from. Every person who comes to EF will have a story to tell, and all will want to hear yours.


A few more!

Dominique Wilson, Beijing EF Education Center, AdultsTeacher

  • Contact information: dominque.wilson@ef.com

Shayna Shaw, Beijing EF Education Center, Adults Teacher

  • Contact information: shayna.shaw@ef.com

Alexander Crispin, Beijing Kids & Teens Teacher

  • Contact information: alexander.crispin@ef.com


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