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You will be completing your contract and are looking for a new experience – either in another center, with a different EF product (Kids, Adults or teaching Online), or in a new city or country.  One of the great things about being an EF teacher is that we have a tremendous number of exciting new teaching opportunities for you. To inquire about opportunities, please email nextsteps@ef.com.


  • You must have completed a one year contract before the transfer date
  • You must sign a 12 month contract in your new location and complete that contract to be eligible to transfer again
  • The transfer request should be made at least 90 days before your current contract end date (owing to limited positions in some cities and timeline for transfer, earlier requests increase chances of a transfer)
  • You must meet visa requirements in the transfer location
  • EF will manage the visa renewal process and cover the visa costs
  • Subject to availability in the transfer location
  • If changing products (i.e. crossing between Kids & Teens, Adults or Online teaching), must meet hiring requirements of the individual products, which may include a product interview and/or demo class
  • Must have “met expectations” in previous performance reviews and demonstrate a strong performance track record until the date of transfer
  • Receive approval from current and future line manager
  • Note: EF is unable to  manage the hukou transfer process for those applicants who may require a hukou transfer 

For more on careers in EF go to ef-teachers.com/careers

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