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Hello all!

Who is interested in exploring and/or taking part in the creative/cultural scene in Shanghai this fall? 

If you enjoy attending film festivals or fashion shows, performing spoken word poetry or storytelling live, visiting large museums or small indie galleries, checking out bookstores or participating in book clubs, taking a dance lesson or two, hitting up a local comic-con, catching a show at the theater or listening to live music at great local hang-outs, going to cooking classes or exploring local markets, brushing up on your language skills, giving back to the community where you live, attending cultural conferences and other culture-related events, and having meaningful discussions, blogging, vlogging, being a foodie and generally seeing what Shanghai has to offer, among other things....


you want to create platforms to make these and other things possible for yourself and for others,


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I'm excited about the food too! Cities like Shanghai have a little bit of everything. 

Thanks for replying! Awesome, that is amazing! I really hope to connect with people who will be looking to explore the cultural scene. I hope to live this experience to the fullest as well. Looking forward to connecting with you.

YES!!! So into this post. Really interested in exploring the city's art, film, and cultural scenes. (The architecture alone is stunning and stunningly diverse in influences.) Especially into contemporary ("queer," as in boundary-pushing, horizon-expanding) film, art, and photography. I'm also down to learn more about Shanghai and Suhang's traditional Chinese heritage and influences too, check out the fashion scenes (these openings and circles seemed surprisingly permeable open last time I was in the city), etc. Let's do it. 

Thanks for the reply! Sounds like a plan to me! Looking forward to connecting! :) 

Literally all of this sounds great to me! Reach out to me in shanghai and I would definitely be down! :)

That’s right up my alley! I’m a musician and I love to write poetry so I’m down

yes sounds fab! I am a massive culture nerd. I've been into theatre all my life and very keen to get on board with all that Shanghai has to offer (arriving in 2 weeks). Live music, museums - all sounds great :)



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