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I am expected to arrive in Shanghai in a little over a week, but I just got my work permit and still have to go through the Visa process and book a flight.  In the meantime, is anyone else scheduled to arrive around the same time?

Would it be better to start looking for a potential roommate now or to wait until arriving? I'm hoping to cut down on monthly expenses.


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Probably won't help your case, but I'll be coming July 18 and will be looking

Hey Ty, It's probably best to wait until you arrive as most places go quickly,and you won't know where your teaching centre is until orientation. Once you get to SH it'll be easier to figure out how you'll want to get to work and where you want to live. Lots of people end up rooming with people in their intake groups as well if their schools are nearby.

Thanks everyone! Getting nervous and excited at the same time!

Don't be nervous, Shanghai is awesome!
I can back with the intention to work 2 months for the summer.. That was 2 years ago now.

Hi! I'm also due to land in Shanghai on May 24 :)

Awesome Melissa! Has your flight already been booked? :)

Look forward to seeing you there!

Yes, I booked my flight the day my passport and visa arrived. I don't know anyone who deals with long haul flights very well but I can send you a message when I get to the hotel and we could meet up with the other recruits if you like! It'll probably help us all stay awake longer and get on Shanghai time more quickly!

Started the visa process yet?

I just got my work permit so it's going to be pretty hectic trying to get all of this information together so that I can get my Visa.  Less than a week before I'm supposed to be on my flight and I am just now starting the process of submitting my Visa paperwork so I'm a little skeptical.  Hopefully it will all work out.  Definitely send me a message once you're to the hotel.  It will be good to talk to people that have been in the same shoes as me for the past few months!

Righto! Good luck! :)

Thanks, Melissa! See you soon! (:

Hi Ty,

My name is Tara and I am a teacher ambassador here in Shanghai. If you are staying in Shanghai after on boarding, I suggest waiting to find your apartment. Many times teachers meet potential roommates in their on boarding, and you will have a city tour, and information session regarding housing. It may be best to wait and get your feet wet first. Also, you will not know where your center will be, so it's best to wait. Here is my WeChat, ID: taraguardia. Feel free to message me with questions leading up to your arrival. Also, my email is tara.guardiash@ef.com. You're going to love Shanghai, it's awesome!!!! Good luck with your departure preparations!

Hi Tara! I'm still hoping everything will work out and my visa will be back in time to arrive next week! Otherwise I think I'll be delayed until some time in June!

Thanks for all of your advice!



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