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TRT Teacher Referral Program Terms and Conditions – from any current EF Education First staff member (including EF English First)


Instructions: Please fill in your friend's information online at:


To refer an International teacher, the candidate must have a bachelor's degree, teaching experience, a clear criminal background check and a passport from: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States of America or the United Kingdom.


To refer a local teacher for China, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree, TEM8 for English majors, the CET6 for non-English majors, 1-year teaching experience and a National Teacher Certificate preferred.


  1. Should your referral lead to a new full-time hire, EF will give you a referral bonus (paid with your monthly salary and taxed) paid as follows:
  • 3000 RMB of bonus amount after the new referral arrives and signs a master employment contract with EF in China*
  • Payment is subject to local tax.
  1. Both the referral and person who made the referral must still be EF employees at the time of the bonus payment for it to be received.
  2. If the arrival in China occurs after the payroll cut-off for that month, payment will be made the following month.
  3. Only one bonus will be awarded per referral. The payment cannot be split among multiple persons.
  4. In the event that multiple staff members refer the same candidate, the first submitted through the referral form will be used.
  5. To be valid, all referrals must be entered through www.englishfirst.com/refer prior to the candidate interviewing with EF.
  6. If a candidate has applied to work or worked with EF in any capacity in the past, the employee is not eligible for the referral bonus.
  7. The person submitting the referral will not be eligible for the bonus if they will directly manage or will be directly involved in the hiring process for the candidate.
  8. Referrals will only be paid for full-time salaried hires working within China owned schools.
  9. If the candidate is placed in an EF China franchise school, a 1500 RMB referral award will be paid to the referrer in the form of Amazon gift cards after the referral has past probation

* Only applicable to referrers currently working for EF English First


Rent Free Month Referral Contest                                                               

  1. Rent up to 4,000RMB will be paid for one month, in the month you win the contest.
  2. Winner will be contacted by TRT marketing by Thursday, April 5th.
  3. Winner will receive payment same as a normal referral bonus is paid.
  4. A copy of your housing contract needs to be submitted to TRT marketing in order to verify the amount of your apartment/room before payment is made.
  • If your rent is less than 4,000RMB and your apartment is shared, proof of rent is required to verify your portion of rent
  • If your rent is more than 4,000RMB only 4,000RMB will be paid for
  1. Rent-free month only applies to one winner, and cannot be shared amongst friends/roommates.
  2. Lucky draw entries will be based on a successful referral (via www.englishfirst.com/refer and meets our EF requirements). If your friends receive an offer from one of our EF recruiters, this entitles you to one lucky draw ticket.


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